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    Dual Booting Windows 7 with pre-installed Windows 8 Laptop

    Hi All, Just after a bit of advice, my girlfriend has recently got a new laptop and unfortunately she doesn't like it, despite me loving Windows 8.1. She would like to try Windows 8 but is going back to Uni soon so would like Windows 7 as a back-up dual booted. I've shrunk the partition and...
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    Windows 8 Music Player Screenshots Leak

    The screenshots was released by the site, the music player is one of the apps that can be downloaded from the store. The music player follows the metro design guidelines, and the images can be checked out here
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    New touch gesture to close metro apps

    A recent video has been released showing that users can close metro style apps just by using touch gestures, this video has been released on the web site. In the developer preview of Windows 8 users are only able to close metro apps using the Task Manager. To view the video go...
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    Help: Extending C:\

    I am asking for help on how to extend the space of my c:\, Thanks
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    Windows Store functionality uncovered

    The saga of the Windows store has been full of fakes and misinformation. But it now appears that we are finally getting more reliable information that has been uncovered within the Windows 8 leaks. The information comes courtesy of as they have uncovered the information...
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    Webcam Application

    I've managed to get the webcam application working, 1.Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\GRE_Initialize". 2.Create a new DWORD Value called "RemoteFontBootCacheFlags" with the decimal value of "4111". 3.Open up webcam.exe in System32.
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    Aero problem

    Could you help me get aero in Windows 8?
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    Some concept art that should be in Windows 8

    They should make some of the stuff in these images - Find more from clindhartsen on deviantart Find more from laushung on deviantart
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    Live Integration

    Hi, I read somewhere that Windows 7 will not have live integration, I have one screenshot that proves Windows 7 will have some form of live integration,
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    Windows 8 Wireless - Build 7850

    Hi, After installing windows 8 onto a portion of my hard drive everything is working fine apart from wireless internet I have tired trouble-shooting and think it is do with the driver for the wireless, can anybody help me sort this out, I would use a wired cable but I have lost mine, Thanks...
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    Windows 8 build 7955 in the wild, log on video surfaces

    Another new build has leaked and it has the sort of stuff we have seen online in it, including new log in screen, the ribbon interface, language profile, new taskbar, metro design theme. Neowin Hopefully people we will be able to get our hands on it soon...