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    yahoo suddenly search engine-want ''windows' back..

    hello - how do i get my www. windows search engine back - how did i lose it and end up with YaHOO -- don't like it ....thanks :o
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    win 8 updates-what's gone now?

    WIN 8/ 64 bit/Lenovo PC until i can do the 8.1 update (and it's now 1/20/16) - will i get any ''updates' or is win 8 now w/o any 'protection'. For whatever it's worth: I do have mcAvee Internet Security System and two maleware programs I do not click on any hyperlinks within emails...
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    Windows Update KB3095108-important?

    Hi Win 8/64 bit ... how necessary is this update? i get notices but choose what i install - thanks in advance" KB3095108 Updated APN database entry for Transatel (France, Worldwide) network for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8
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    8.1 update: thank you all for your help -please read

    been writing for help updating from 8 to 8.1 for quite a while -and those of you who have kindly tried to help me know I have been so tenuous about it ... but now the sudden death wednesday a.m.of my husband has changed things - i'm afraid to try the update in case things wouldn't go smoothly...
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    win 8 to 8.1 =why so many problems ?

    currently have win 8/64 bit/pc Someone pointed out to me that 8.1 is an 'update' of win 8 and not an 'upgrade'..''just an update that happens to take longer ...the 'reminder-banner' i get frequently states (1) one can 'continue to work' on one's computer while 8.1 is being dowloaded; (2) no...
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    update 8 to 8.1 ..will i need ''product key' info?

    win 8/ 64 bit: been reading about requirement for ''product key''.. i do not have Win. 8 'pro'' ...but reading on these boards of people being asked for 'product key' - OEM - in order to complete the update to 8.1..... or is that requirement only for those trying to update to 8.1 ''pro'...
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    Do i have enough space for 8.1 download?

    win 8/64 bit Lenovo PC Hi - forgot to ask - saw I have 857 GB's free space on hard-drive (via ''properties'') is that enough for 8.1 update ? thanks
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    Solved 8.1=prior to update should i do these steps:

    Lenovo PC - 64 bit/ Win 8 i have not done the 8.1 update 'yet (from 8) .and i'm not sure if i'm making too much out of a 'simple' update !! but read of failures, etc. So Before doing the update to 8.1 here's what i plan to do: have all Win updates current /empty recycle bin/run...
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    Ps to updated to 8.1 ??

    During download, i know to turn off my McAvee a/v; do i turn off it's Firewall also; should i disconnect printer from PC Tower and also my WiFi connection (or can i just turn that 'off' via my Kindle settings? thanks
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    Will 8.1 update be removed from 'store' soon?

    don't remember where/when i heard this but is 8.1 update going to be taken out of the Windows 'Store'' where it now sits and is available to be installed on my computer ? If this is true where would one then find 8.1 update to eventually install it ? thanks
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    Google plug-ins -do i want them?

    Win. 8/64 bit Google is my browser, but do i want google's plug=in's ...i..e. Native Client and or PDFVIEWER ? advantages/disadvantages ? also any idea how to stop annoying ad popups that i have to 'x'-to close or the auto-runs at same time i'm on a site ? have disabled flash-player...
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    KB3107998-Lenov fix???

    have a Lenov PC's update kB 3107998 removes lenovo's USB blocker version and today's update as i read is to avoid a system crash ...but also saw Lenovo's with USB does not have issue as Lenovo's with (todays fix) ... how can i tell what version i have...
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    Solved Are these updates required to update to 8.1 ?

    Lenovo PC /Win 8 /64.... There is a few optionial updates (1) KB2976978...with no information's for an Intel Driver...also (2) 'graphics' updates' and a (3) RealTec update available.... how necessary or important are these in relation to updating from 8 to 8.1 ? would 'not'...
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    taskbar icon now ''blank'' ! what happened?

    Win 8 This is strange ...have program icons on taskbar for quick-launch after booting up, I saw(outlook mail) icon is now 'blank' !!! ( before it was identified as Outlook ) - any ideas ? it still launches Outlook. thanks in advance ...:confused:
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    Nope! Decided 8.1 not worth risk

    Win. 8/64 bit Lenovo PC ======================= i have gotten nice feed=back insofar as my updating to 8.1 pros/cons. Now reading some other boards i'm hearing about ''drivers' corrupted/ printers not working/ trying to turn on computer after the 8.1 install resulting in ''blue'' screens...
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    What is end-date to get Win. 10?

    forgot to ask: once i 'update' to win. 8.1 (from Win. 8,) how long will i then have to take advantage of getting Windows 10 for free ? thanks so much Edythe
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    please help me : WHY GET WIN.8.1 ?

    WIN. 8/64 BIT - PC McAfee Security Suite 2 free-editions of maleware programs ---------------------------------------------- Hi - wrote to Updates area and while getting a repy on how to download/install still want to know 'why' go thru with the 'update' any incur possible glitches during the...
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    8.1 ..don't want to get it

    Win 8/64 bit Lenovo PC What will be the worst thing to happen if i don't upgrade to 8.1....only use PC for email/visiting websites ...nothing more sophisticated that that; have 2 maleware programs + and Internet Security Suite running full time. Frankly i'm no ''techie'' and the idea of...
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    Why am i getting Win.10 updates?

    win.8/64 bit ..... many updates today incl one for Win 10 - large file (30MBS)...i didn't take that update.. placed in ''hidden' update section ...still have to upgrade to 8.1. Why would i want Win 10 ''cumulative'' updates ? thanks in advance - Edythe
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    Help needed asap

    Win.8 64 bit set computer to require password - (now don't remember how i did that was moving-wanted it 'secure').... yesterday via on line instructions (win.+R -typed in something now i forget) , tried to cancel didn't take so continued using computer - shut down for the nite...