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    New Windows 10 scam will encrypt your files

    Not sure if this has been posted already but For those looking to email to get your Win 10 update, be careful... Source: New Windows 10 scam will encrypt your files for ransom
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    Solved The never ending disappearing CD-ROM drive

    Seems no matter what I do, my DVD/CD-ROM constantly disappears. This has been happening off and on for a while. Things I’ve done to try to resolve this issue…. Replaced the CD-ROM drive (thinking that was the issue) Reinstalled the OS (Windows 8.1) twice Did some Registry tweaks...
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    Office 365 and updates

    Hi, I've got Office 365 and it seems every time there are major updates to Office and or Windows updates as was yesterday... Office 365 goes crazy and errors out if files ore accessed from OneDrive... This happens every time there are major Office updates :mad: Most of the...
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    Solved Windows 8.1 not acting like 8.1

    Hey guys/gals Just installed Windows 8.1 pro on a newly bought SSD drive, and for some odd reason, even though it says 8.1 on the system page. it's not acting like 8.1 as it's missing some stuff. First off, there's no search window or option to turn off or restart the PC next to my name on...
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    Samsung's 840 EVO update fixes slow reads with old data

    Not sure where the appreciate place for this should be but... It seems the Samsung 840 EVO had a long undiscovered issue which was finally addressed this week Source: Samsung's 840 EVO update fixes slow reads with old data - The Tech Report - Page 1
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    What's up with the captcha thng at 10?

    Trying to register at 10 forums and the captcha image doesn't seem to be working. I've imputed the number on 4 different occasions and each time it fails. Using IE11, Windows 8.1 What's going on? Thanks. BTW someone else had the same issue -...
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    Solved Microsoft Upload Center crashing

    Hello, Since yesterday I've been getting a "The Microsoft Document Cache encountered a problem" error notification. whenever I restart my PC. The weird thing is its happening on both my desktop and laptop. Anyway when I click on it I get this box... Clicking the repair button gives...
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    Solved No sister site links on SF Dark Skin (Eight Forums).

    Hello, Been using the SF Dark skins lately on both this and Seven Forums and while there are links to the other forums on the seven forums SF Dark skin, there aren't any here. Is there anyway to remedy that? Currently I have to use my tabbed shortcuts to enter the other sites. Thanks.
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    Strange issues coming out of sleep mode

    So, sometimes when my Win 8.1 machine comes out of sleep mode, it seems to lose focus. What I mean by that is some items in the notification area disappear and that item no longer works. Example: Windows just came out of sleep mode and now my Outlook icon has disappeared in the notification...
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    Strange issues with IE11?

    Anybody having issues where IE11 makes your screen flicker black or seems to be using a lot of CPU power? For some strange reason IE11 has been acting strange - either causing screen flickering, causing high CPU usage, or losing focus. And what I mean by losing focus - yesterday where posting...
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    Hard Drive making loud sounds when rendering tiff images

    Not sure where to put this as I'm quite sure it isn't a hard drive issue per se... I've a weird issue with Windows 8.1 and my mechanical hard drive. I've a 2TB Western Digital hard drive that's partitioned with one of the partitions being a Media partition (H) containing over 107 gig of...
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    KB2911106 - Optional Update?

    Anybody aware of this update? Why is it is listed under Optional?... Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2 update rollup: January 2014 (published 14 Jan, 2014) I installed it on laptop. Hasn't blown anything up (yet) :)
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    Solved New Systems fails to sleep

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    Skydrive live tile not working under 8.1?

    I've noticed that Skydrive live tile does not work after upgrading to 8.1. Anyone else notice this? Prior to 8.1, Skydrive was live, that is it would display the contents of your folder, especially photos. Now, after 8.1, it doesn't work. So is anyone else's skydrive live tile not working...
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    Solved Question about laptop installation

    OK, I have an Asus Zenbook Prime – UX31A-DH71 which came with Windows 8 preinstalled. I'm looking to upgrade to Windows 8.1 but need some tips or suggestions. Now I've never installed an OS on a laptop before and imagine there are some slight difference between installing on a laptop and home...
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    Solved Windows 8.1 Preview Apps Store not working

    OK, here's a weird one..... I have Windows 8.1 installed on VM Player and never had a problem. Now, for some odd reason the App Store keeps telling me there's a connection problem and won't open.... it's acting as though there is no internet connection, which of course there is as I can...
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    Norton Internet Security & exclusions

    Need some help with Norton Internet Security and keeping it from deleting/clearing my cookies for websites like this or others when I have my log-in credentials saved. Basically every time I run a scan it clears my cookies making me have to re-log in to all my sites. Anyone who's using NIS...
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    problems connecting to the Win 8 laptop from Win 7

    Have a question regarding "Local Account". I'm having problems connecting to the Win 8 laptop from Win 7 as it will not accept my sign in credentials. With that, am I to assume that this is because the credential aren't "Local", and thus this is what this is for??? It will not accept the...
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    Question about My Pictures (live tile) on Start Menu?

    Ok, maybe I’m missing something but accessing the pictures (live pictures tile) folder from the start menu shows my photo’s but not in the order I’d like them to be in. As such, to my horror I’ve found I can’t move them around (re-arrange them). I can obviously re-arrange them if I access...
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    'Ransomware' tricks victims into paying hefty fines

    I didn't see a security news section here like one over at seven so I'll post this here. Beware of this new scam... Source: 'Ransomware' tricks victims into paying hefty fines - Red Tape