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    W8.1 Ent iso download needs 3rd party downloader !!!!

    After you jumped through the hoops and supplied an email/password, the next page shows more info you fill in, then after that you will see the Akamai downloader popup/prompt. Even though I downloaded their downloader, I scrolled down the popup box (it doesn't show a scroll bar), and the popup...
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    Clean Install of Windows 8 without install disc?

    No. It's easier to do a clean install imo. I get to start with a clean installation of the OS with no bloatware/junk/crap I don't need. I also get to install the latest drivers (generally not from the OEMs but the manufacturer's themselves.) And I decide what to install, not the OEMs. Doing a...
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    Solved POLL: How Often Do You Create a System Recovery Image?

    Usually daily depending on what I'm doing; however, the most I go without make an image is 1 week using StorageCraft ShadowProtect. My images are not incremental; I make a one-to-one image of my C partition. Personal files/programs, etc on other partitions are updated on 4 storage drives every...
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    What's the Point of Start Menu for NON Touch Screen PC?

    That's what Microsoft wanted for Windows 8 and it doesn't work for most of us. To each their own, if they like the Modern UI. There are 3rd party alternatives to return the Start Menu and button to the Desktop, such as Start8. There a bunch of them, some are free, some are not.
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    Re-installation of Windows 8 on manufactured desktop

    If the computer is still working, download ProduKey and run it. It will decode your Product Key from the registry. There are tutorials on this site to show you the Product Key.
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    Windows 8 (64-Bit) Activation error! HELP!

    When you try to activate it online and it fails, there are alternate methods to activate it. Use Phone Activation and call Microsoft and tell them the story. They should activate it for you. Please tell us/me if they did.
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    Network not always connecting on start up

    My 2 cents about Fast Startup. I was using Fast Startup and having intermittent problems with wired connectivity. The final straw was when the NIC failed to load. I turned off Fast Start, rebooted, and everything has been fine since. I was having other minor problems with Fast Startup, but...
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    Solved Norton 360/Norton Internet Security/Norton AntiVirus Beta

    I also stayed with NIS 2012 (Windows 7 and Windows 8). However, the new release of NIS 2013 ( is quite good. I have been using it for several days and found no problems. Only took them 3 major updates to get it right (or at least better). Have not had a chance to try the NIS 2014...
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    Pin to Start Files in Windows 8

    Thanks Shawn for the update. It's funny, but I don't have this key: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\pintostartscreen] I have the rest of the keys but that one. But in the end, "Pin to start" is aaalll gone. :cool: :thumb:
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    Pin to Start Files in Windows 8

    Thanks Shawn. Here's another one to remove when you are at the Desktop. The ones you gave do not remove "Pin to Start" when I right click a folder. [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\pintostartscreen] "MUIVerb"="@shell32.dll,-51201" "NeverDefault"="" "Description"="@shell32.dll,-51202"...
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    How can I stop printing things that are printing endlessly

    See if this helps. I haven't used it. Cancel a Print Job Without Waiting Years
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    PC settings Shortcut for Windows 8

    Thank you Shawn. :D I was looking for a shortcut to the PC Settings. I can't believe Microsoft made it so difficult to get to PC Settings quickly. :confused:
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    The Windows 8.1 Start Button Is a Sign of Defeat for MSFT

    If they were really defeated, they would of put in the Windows 7 Start Menu along with the Start button. Putting in the Start button will placate some, but all it does is provide a way to get to the Windows 8 Start Menu. I welcome the change; however, I still need a 3rd party program, such as...
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    Not using all installed memory(RAM)

    Run the System Rating and see if it corrects it. Also launch Task Manager and see what it says.
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    Start Button

    Haven't had any problems with the Start button. But when my mouse hits the left side of the screen, everything freezes. Usually lasts for about 15 seconds, sometimes longer.
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    Solved Logitech Setpoint

    Initially, I installed the Setpoint drivers and had the same problem. Also the pictures for the device were not downloaded. I had the pictures for the device saved and put them in the folders, but still had problems with the Setpoint interface. I looked on Logitech and found another way to...
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    Windows 8 - What do you think?

    Metro UI doesn't work for me; it's slow and cumbersome, It may work well on tablet, but definitely not on a desktop. Takes too long to use, even with a mouse. However, renaming the shsxs.dll file to shsxs.dll.old works; it gets rid of Metro UI and keeps the Explorer toolbar intact, and gives me...