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    Windows 9: Much ado about little, given cloud shift

    I think you are basing that off the current XP model Where you only pay so much and use it forever. Never ever upgrading. XP was never ever meant to last as long as it did, that was an huge MS screw-up they had issues gleaning new OS tech and advancing the overall Windows Kernal and stuff...
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    Windows 9: Much ado about little, given cloud shift

    First off, the Headline of the article is complete malarkey BS. It's a click magnet headline and trying to downplay Windows, still. Never ends. But what else should we expect from ZDNet? I think people get the idea of a Cloud OS confused. And I think a lot of pseudo-techjurnos like to fear...
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    Windows Phone 8.1, the smartphone of choice for business

    The integration of services is really good. So, being able to share things across devices, pretty much all platforms have this But,,, Access to information at a glance via Live Tiles is beyond impressive, no one else has this. From everything I have read and seen, Androids lag on the same...
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    Solved Create Sleep button shortcut on desktop

    Sleep works in this way. The system stays powered on in a very very low power state The power light will stay on and blink signifying that it is in sleep mode, this is not a bad thing, it's the way it works. Hibernate - will shut the system down and load everything in RAM to the hiberfile.sys...
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    Windows Phone folders: A new way to organize Start screen

    You won't be taking it back to WP8. 8.1 and GDR1 will still be there. You won't have to reinstall them. Yeah, I agree, to an extent. It software, so glitches in an update like 8.1 are bound to happen. I accept it, nuke and reload and move on. It works, so...... No one ever claimed computers...
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    Windows Phone folders: A new way to organize Start screen

    You may need to reset your phone. I did this on a whim (but I did not allow it to auto restore the phone) as I was having the lag issue with the Live Lock Screen Beta Most everything else ran fine, but I also wanted to see if battery would be improved I had read that was the case, but I didn't...
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    Windows Phone folders: A new way to organize Start screen

    I have seen this same comment elsewhere on the net..... It is not even CLOSE to Android or iOS. Not even the same ball park. I really do not get how anyone can look at Live Folders and call it Android/iOS rip off. Sorting is not that difficult. I put all travel apps together,, maps, gas...
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    Microsoft Kills Update 2 and Patch Tuesday

    Yes, that is true. to a degree. But this is more fear mongering than anything in my opinion. It's not that big a deal really. I would rather have some of these features get polished up and deployed proper in Win9 than half-baked patched up work around, which would probably be the case in...
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    Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 preview due week of August 4

    The downgrading to WP8 to get Cyan was due to a BitLocker issue on Corporate used devices. This only affected a handful of people,, but to play it safe, MS blocked anyone on Dev Preview from getting it I think the fix is part of GDR1, not sure though. it is confusing. Most likely the versions...
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    Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 preview due week of August 4

    No, you did the right thing updating to the official release of 8.1 It was also the only way you could get the Cyan Update for the 1520. If I had the option I would do the same, reinstall DP and continue getting these great additions direct from MS I wish Cyan could be gotten by bypassing...
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    Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 preview due week of August 4

    Preview for Developers (aka DP) is not auto installed, unless they did,, but I doubt that,, it's an Opt in App You have to install it. I would be surprised if DP was installed automatically. You can only get WP8.1 through your carrier, or by installing DP. So the only way you had WP8.1 before...
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    Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 preview due week of August 4

    So, GDR1, not a huge update in terms of a ton of stuff But what is there, is HUGE. -Live Folders are fantastic. Love them. -Adjustable Snooze time set per alarm (not Global) -Select individual messages from a single thread to delete or forward -Apps Corner could come in very handy in...
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    The next data center dinosaur: Traditional storage

    I would have to search for it, but they had saved the entire library of congress to a crystal about 10 years ago. So, the idea is an old one,, but the advancement you showed is new. I agree, this tech would be cool to have right now.
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    10 technologies that will transform PCs in 2015 and beyond

    Wow, we will have to wait and see what actually comes of some of this stuff. G-Sync could catch on, but it's hard to say as the PC Gaming market is still smaller than Console. If G-Sync does catch on and does what it says, you could see even better graphics in games Could we see a return to...
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    Windows XP, 8.1, and 8 All Lose Users in July 2014

    But, did you catch yourself there? Falling onto that ever slippery slope to the pit of misinformation? 1.) You are blaming an OS for what is clearly 3rd party Driver support. 2.) While some did have issues with Win8.1 Update 1 through the store. Not everyone did/does/will. As for...
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    The Mobile Web should just work for everyone

    Jimbo, you are comparing Crackers to Roast Beef. Seriously, Mobile Web is not for everyone, but what MS is doing is a step in the right direction, for now anyway.
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    Announcing the Chrome 64-bit Beta Channel for Windows!

    This is like the quotes from the Game Stop in Phily about Finger Prints to trade/sell GS your old games. "I'm like yo, dude, (scanning finger print), you don't need my finger print, why you need it bro...." "Can we rescan that it didn't quite take the first time?" "oh uh yeah, sure sure, np...
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    Windows 8.1 update 2 reportedly will land August 12

    Not really, I updated a couple of desktops with update 1 without any issue.
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    Something "pretty amazing" coming to Windows Phone?

    Correct, if you are not using Developer Preview, you will get both WP8.1 and Lumia Cyan at the same time. And possibly Update 1 (aka GDR1) as well. Those of us using DP, will get GDR1 next week.
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    smart phone

    The App issue with WP is null and void. There is no shortage of apps any longer for WP. And the major apps are arriving and getting better all the time Is every app available on WP? No. But there are plenty of alternatives and good ones at that. Lumia app switch - find Your favourite...