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  1. FuturDreamz

    Do you use a Local account or Microsoft account?

    I'm just wondering what everyone's take is on the whole thing. For me, I find having everything linked to my Microsoft account to be kind of useful.
  2. FuturDreamz

    Cannot connect to mobile Hotspot, wifi options limited

    Honestly this has bee annoying me for a very long time. I have unreliable home internet but with Windows 8 connecting to my phone is always a chore. 1. there is no option to refresh wifi networks. I'm sure it does this automatically, but there really needs to be a way to do this manually. I'm...
  3. FuturDreamz

    Trigger a batch script when power cable is disconnected?

    Long story short, my Asus has a bug where if I unplug it when the screen is closed the touchscreen's driver is disabled. requiring me to manually reenable it. Everything that you would logically think would stop this bug does not work, not even explicitly telling Windows to not disable USB...
  4. FuturDreamz

    Solved Application locks up when attempting to open/save files?

    This is getting a bit annoying now, I thought it was my hard drive and so I upgraded to a Hybrid, but it seems to be coming back now. Whenever I'm using a program such as Firefox or Movie Maker, when I click browse (and launch the File Explorer API) the application locks up for a few moments...
  5. FuturDreamz

    Set power button to "Ask me what to do"?

    My Laptop's power button is in a pretty inconvenient location (a corner next to the volume buttons) and once in a while I accidently push it when repositioning my laptop or trying to adjust the volume. Is it possible to bring back the old dialogue box that was in Windows XP that popped up when...
  6. FuturDreamz

    Just a reminder to once in a while check for new drivers

    When FINALLY getting Windows 10 to work in a dual-boot system, I discovered that the updated driver for my trackpad contains Remote Link Support, which allows me to control my laptop using my phone! Bluetooth won't connect to my Blackberry in 10, but after updating the touchpad driver in 8.1...
  7. FuturDreamz

    Solved Aw crud I think I accidentaly ran malware

    When I went to use my computer I noticed that on Steam I had a message that a friend of one of my steam friends wanted to trade with me, and he linked to the person's profile. I didn't notice that the url was "" and of course when it asked me to download and run a helper...
  8. FuturDreamz

    built in password protected & encrypted folder/container?

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to store some sensitive documents (pdfs, docxs, etc) in a password protected and encrypted folder or container (such as .iso or .vhd) that allows for adding or editing the contained files without having to create a new password protected container? I want to...
  9. FuturDreamz

    Solved Internet Explorer is not in App list (yet still works)

    This is weird. I use Firefox as my main browser (but have Internet Explorer as default browser so I can stay in touch mode in Metro Apps), but now I can't launch Internet Explorer directly! It's not listed in the apps list, and search doesn't pull it up. Yet Programs and Features says it's...
  10. FuturDreamz

    Where can I buy cheap novelty cellphones?

    Hi. I don't have a landline because me and my roomate both have awesome plans on our phones (mine is unlimited nationwide). Problem is we have an apartment building where we don't have a proper intercom/access buzzer; instead it redirects to a local phone number (buzzes ring the phone, and...
  11. FuturDreamz

    Remove from system tray driver apps with no hide option?

    Hi, Recently I had gotten an Asus Transformer FlipBook tp500LN that I really like except for a small fairly inconsequential problem: I like to keep my system tray cleaner than a nun's knickers and always disable tray icons for graphics, trackpad, etc. Problem is that with this laptop the...
  12. FuturDreamz

    Acer ES1-511-C7PH has a wifi shielding issue?

    Because after a few attempts to figure it out it seems like it. My (nearly 2 year old) Acer V5-571G was killed in an unfortunate complication during upgrade, and I was forced to replace it while on a tight budget. After looking around I had settled on an Acer ES1-511-C7PH for $350CA (15.6"...
  13. FuturDreamz

    "There was a problem with startup.dll."

    "There was a problem with startupscan.dll." It may or may not be caused by microTorrent. Whenever I'm downloading something overnight I close my laptop lid instead of putting it to sleep. When I open it again, there's this error message (I may not have the wording correct): "There was a...
  14. FuturDreamz

    Should I buy a Lenovo Mixx 2 or Surface RT (both 64gb)?

    For my birthday I got some money that I've decided to use to get a Windows tablet. But I'm not entirely sure which one I should get, or if I should just buy a bunch of games for my 3DS and Wii U. My two options are: 8" Lenovo Mixx 2 (64gb) or equivalent 10" Surface RT (64gb) first gen...
  15. FuturDreamz

    I'm actually looking forward to the cheap 7" RT tablets

    I was looking at iPads yesterday (my mom decided she needed one, and I wasn't able to convince her otherwise). While she was talking to the sales rep, I played with the Surface and another one I don't remember. I found it to be pretty functional, and I figured I'd use it a fair bit for note...
  16. FuturDreamz

    [concept] SnapSearch

    Pressing WinKey + S will open this immediately, as shown. maybe even swipe from the bottom-right corner List would show a mixture of recently used apps, apps most commonly launched this way, and newly installed apps. Maybe pinned apps also. You can press alt+ 1, 2, 3, etc to immediately...
  17. FuturDreamz

    Just made the switch from Chrome to IE10

    So far I like it. There's no bookmarks sync, but that's fixed by junction linking the favorites folder to my skydrive. The metro browser is a lot nicer. Chrome basically just fudges their own windowing environment to throw desktop Chrome into, but IE10 is definitely designed for metro. I live...
  18. FuturDreamz

    How on earth do I end up getting email in this account?

    So basically a while ago I created a Microsoft account for my Windows 8 computer, and I used my Gmail email address. Shortly afterwards I discovered that it had created a form of email account, with the exact same email address as my gmail account. I can send emails using it (but it shows up...
  19. FuturDreamz

    How do I switch everything over to a different email?

    I currently have everything (windows 8 login, Xbox live, etc) linked to a account. I want to switch it all over to How can i do this? I was able to move skydrive and my Windows login, but I can't move my xbox account :( And no, I no longer have an Xbox.
  20. FuturDreamz

    Images Problem In Windows 8 (Pink bottom bar)

    Well, for starters you posted this in the off-topic forum, cross-linked, hijacked three threads, and have yet to post a thread in the General support forum with a descriptive title. And while you're at it, explain a little bit better what i'm looking at. Is that your background or a video?