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  1. McNeil

    Solved Biggest Free Cloud Storage?

    In your opinion which one is the free Cloud Storage service with biggest storage allowance? I don't need any extra online apps associated with it, like ability edit or view it online. Just online storage, like Online HDD, thats it. Only free services please. Preferably big uploading file size...
  2. McNeil

    Solved Update Android 2.3.6 to 4.2.2

    Hello World! I hope there are some Android geeks here. I have Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360. GSM, Factory Unlocked, Not Rooted. I can root my phone if absolutely must needed in order to update. Currently by default it came with Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. My question is how do I update it to the...
  3. McNeil

    Solved How to change Username on this website?

    How can I change my username on this website? There is a option to change password and email but I don't see any option to change username. If there is any please post direct link to the page or describe how to go there. Thank You.
  4. McNeil

    Random Freeze/Hang/Lag

    Hi, I upgraded my laptop from Win 7 Home Premium x64 to Win 8 Pro x64. I am an university student so had to do it as my course required me too. I never had any errors or any bugs while using Win 7, so I assume that mean my hardware is not defective. But Win 8 in beginning crashed a lot to BSOD...
  5. McNeil

    Add MAILTO in context menu

    By default, windows gave Mail recipient in Send To context menu, but unless you have mail program installed (that can open it using MAPI protocol/link) it's useless. I am using default Microsoft Mail app. Which works on MAILTO protocol/links. I'd like to add MAILTO in my Send To context menu...