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    This is just an update thread to inform those that do not frequent TenForums......should a new version be posted. I will maintain the download there. Showkey - Windows 10 Forums ******************************************************************** Update 17-Mar-2015: Added OEM edition...
  2. Superfly

    Controlling Charms...

    After an initial attempt here at getting to grips with the Charms bar being an intrusion... I dug a bit deeper and did some alternate coding on disabling Charms...(primarily as the current solution causes a flash of the foreground window's title bar when Charms gets hidden) First I tried...
  3. Superfly

    Windows Diagnostic Tool (WDT)

    WDT has all the functionality as current scripts here - with the additional functionality of: - Activation backup and restore - the former is only available on activated systems whilst the later only on unactivated systems... some more checks and balances still need to be built in before...
  4. Superfly

    Project Fix8: Fixing FixIt

    Been checking out some of the scripts that come with the FixIt troulbleshooter. My overall impression is that it's legacy scripts that have been slapped-dash patched for Win8/8.1. Maybe time we got to the bottom of this update-hell and re-vamped these (as the reason for for them not working...
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    Please Read: Activation troubleshooting

    In order to best provide assistance, we request users to initially run the Windows Diagnostics Tool to try and identify the issue you may be having. Download and run WDT from the link below: Choose windows...
  6. Superfly

    Microsoft experimenting with free version of Windows 8.1

    From what I've seen from the leak.. I can't see anything "low-cost"...will wait for //BUILD/ to reveal all... 'suppose.. Source