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    Get 8.1.1 final update tomorrow?

    Out of interest which model SSD died?
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    I emailed the guy that writes the software but he says that he can't do nothing about that, on an older version Win+D would leave the gadgets on screen, sometimes Win+M will just minimise all windows and leave gadgets on screen but for some reason it doesn't always work
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    Samsung monitor help please

    Hello Guys, I'm looking for a favour from fellow owners of a Samsung 27inch Monitor S27B970DS/EN to prove a blank flashing screen is a fault and not normal behaviour which I am being told by the Samsung repair centre Viewtek. My monitor has been in for repair 3 times, the fault is if the...
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    Shutdown delay over 2 minutes after upgrading to Windows 8

    Mine was the same when I upgraded from 8 to 8.1 but it did settle down after a few weeks, now takes about 15-20secs to shut down
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    Problem with 8GadgetsPack - Multiple instances

    How are you getting on with version 10, mine is sometimes crashing at start up and recently my PC is freezing at the metro screen after booting, I think it might be version 10 causing this. Any problems on your machine? Thanks TOny
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    Problem with 8GadgetsPack - Multiple instances

    There has been a new version 10 released last week, it solved most of my problems since upgrading to Win 8.1. 8GadgetPack - Gadgets for Windows 8 / 8.1 Hope this helps Tony
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    Opening Ports - Is it safe?

    Hello Mike, I have allowed the Program permission through the Firewall so I don't think it's that. I have set a Password up on the camera, it's would be very exciting viewing if a hacker decided to hack it!.
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    Solved Desperation with Windows 8 - can I trade down to XP ?

    Give it a few weeks and like the majority of window 8 haters you'll go from hating it to loving it, I did have to install Start8 which will give you the best of both worlds. Tony
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    Opening Ports - Is it safe?

    I've found the open port 99 problem, it was my IP Camera that uses port 99, if I unplug it the port does not show open, if use PFPortchecker it said that another device is using port 99
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    Opening Ports - Is it safe?

    I've just done another Shieldsup! scan and it's now showing Port 99 as open, I've closed the 3 ports (8100,8124,8120) that I opened but it's still showing port 99 as open. Could someone go to Shieldsup! web site and scan their system to see if their port 99...
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    Opening Ports - Is it safe?

    Hello Guys, I have a program called Netcam Studio Server which is a program that uses web cams and IP camera's to monitor your house, there is an iPhone app which is supposed to connect to the program to monitor the cams but I can't get it to work. I have contacted them and they have advised...
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    Solved If anyone has problems with Itunes after update

    Hello Guys, There is a problem with devices connecting to iTunes after installing update with Windows 8.1, here is the fix that worked for me:- Hope this helps Tony
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    Solved How to remove 'this' icon ?

    Why is that bugging you?
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    New graphics card, mad scientist to install!

    I like your style mate, bodge it and bash em in!
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    Recent Places showing folders instead of files

    Thanks that did the trick
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    Recent Places showing folders instead of files

    OK thanks, maybe it's just changed for a reason, Are you running 8.1?
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    Recent Places showing folders instead of files

    Hello Guys, when I used to go to "recent places" from the favourites menu from file explorer it used to give me a list of the most recently opened files, now it gives me the folder of the file opened instead of the file. I recently upgraded to Win 8.1 from 8 so it might be a change made there...
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    drivers updates

    Hi, I use this website which Gigabyte used to recommend to scan you system and recommend update your drivers. Not all drivers can be downloaded using the free service but most of mine have...