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  1. TechyMomX2

    Software to organize pictures

    I am looking for a software download for free or for under $50 that I could use to organize 30,000+ pictures from my HD, and External HD as well. I would like to burn 15,000 of that to disks. Something I could use to help organize for now and in the future. Any ideas?
  2. TechyMomX2

    Help determining specs?

    I have printed out my system information. Can anyone help me break it down for my system specs in my profile? I am a CIS student and I am still trying to figure out what specs my PC has. I am interested in figuring out how to determine what kind of hardware I have (memory, graphics cards, etc)...
  3. TechyMomX2

    Solved Signature

    How come I can't have a siggy yet?!? :geek:
  4. TechyMomX2

    Remote Desktop Connection?

    I am running windows 8.1 and when I try to enable I do not see the "remote desktop" settings. The only thing I see on my remote setting tab is "remote assistance" When I try to connect to the RD I get this error. I know that my machines are both on and connected to the same network. (see...