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    Windows 8.1 Users Planning to Switch to Windows 7 Due to..

    You fellows are lucky. Unfortunately, for a large group of workstation users, including HP Z820 users like me, Microsoft introduced a nasty bug in Update 1 that causes the LSI SAS driver to fail. Microsoft has a workaround published involving a reduction of system RAM and a rollback. Pretty...
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    Does HP put laptop motherboards in their desktop PCs?

    Unless it happens to be this all-in-one: HP Z1 G2 All-In-One Workstations | HP® Official Site :geek:
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    How many of you also have an Apple computer?

    The Mac Mini is basically an all-in-one without a screen. It's Apple's cheapest computer. I like using Windows more and the sky's the limit with respect to hardware on the Windows side. After the introduction of the trashcan Mac Pro, that was it for me.
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    How many rigs do you have ?

    In the good old days I had one desktop computer. Now I swear I have computers spawning everywhere like Tribbles.
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    How many of you also have an Apple computer?

    I presently have a 2007 Mac Mini running Windows 7. This little runt just refuses to die! I switched back to Windows after using Macs for 13 years (mostly Mac Pros). It was like being released from a jail that I didn't even know I was living in.
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    Winows 7 or Windows 8

    I think both are fine: I have 8 running on a new workstation and an old 2009 laptop just fine, and then there is 7 running on a re-purposed 2007 Mac Mini. All fine there too. Windows 8 seems faster and takes up a lot less HDD space than 7.
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    Win 8 to Win 8.1 update - failed boot - restart loop

    Hi Seedee, I had a similar occurrence a few days ago. It turned out to be ESET anti-virus causing the problem in my case when I upgraded from 8.0 to 8.1. You must completely uninstall anti-virus before upgrading. Anyway, I ended up doing a clean install of 8.0 Pro with usb media and then I...
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    Which Brand Of Laptop Are You Using?

    Hey Smurf, the Inspiron looks great: thanks for the pics! Thanks for the info about the AISO4All drivers: I haven't loaded them yet but intend to at some point. Yeah, I don't see the Metro side much either. :D
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    Which Brand Of Laptop Are You Using?

    Dell user here (Precision line). Switched this year after being an Apple user for about 13 years: the reverse switch! I must say that I did this switch with great trepidation, even after running Win 7 virtually under OS X with no problems for 2 years. So far it has been a great experience both...
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    Show us your WEI

    Dell mobile workstation.
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    Solved Sign Documents With A Stylus On The Screen?

    Congratulations! You'll be happy with the Duo, I'm sure. There are Duo users and tablet experts at the tablet PC forum here. They may be better equipped to answer all your tablet questions when your computer arrives.
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    Solved Sign Documents With A Stylus On The Screen?

    OP: yes, it'll be very easy to do. The Duo 11 has an active digitizer so it's designed to do just what you want and much, much more. There are a few pdf software annotators around: I use Bluebeam PDF Revu.
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    What make & model laptop do you use with w8

    I'm new. I use a Dell Precision M6600 w/ touchscreen and active digitizer. Windows 8 Pro.