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    Re-loaded Prim Homegroup computer, now can't create new HG

    So, I reloaded windows on my primary computer a few weeks back, and now, I am unable to recreate a homegroup in my given network. All machines have left the old homegroup, but the option to create a new one does not exist. Instead, on each machine left on the network, the only option avail for...
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    OMFG!! Reloaded windows yesterday!! Major activation woes!

    I cannot believe this. I truly cannot believe this.. I had a virus on my machine about a week ago, which I foolishly got when installing Samsung kies software from a non-trusted source. I was in a hurry, on the phone with someone, and I just installed it using all defaults rather than being...
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    Solved Action cannot be completed because the Folder or File is..

    This is kind of driving me a bit bonkers now, as I am trying to organize the files on my system, and am consistently butting heads against this problem. It always seems to be the last file I highlight. In other words.. I have two directories open on the screen, and am simply looking to drag...
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    USB Mouse on KVM won't work until External hard drive..?

    This is a weird one, that started once I updated to Windows 8.1, and has persisted. At first I thought the problem was with my Siig KVM switch, that allows me to share my mouse and keyboard with two different computers. Essentially, after the upgrade, every time I would click over to my...
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    Another Rant - Sorry Windows 8 lovers - I need to vent.

    I have been using Windows 8 since before Launch, roughly probably a year to the day. It is not a bad OS, but there are numerous things about that, to this day, still really tick me off. I will start by saying, that other vendors are no better. I had a iPhone forced on me by the company I work...
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    Windows 8.1 - USB Selective suspend and USB Mouse - Power

    Seems like, ever since I upgraded to 8.1, my mouse goes to sleep along with my hard drives when my PC is not in use. Let me elaborate. I use like 3 computers on a kvm switch. Prior to upgrade, I just set my Windows 8 machine to never ever sleep/hibernate, and I have replicated this setting...
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    How to convert back to a non Microsoft account after 8.1?

    I upgrade on one of my machines, and to pull it off, I had to convert my user account to a full blown Microsoft account. Now that I am all upgraded, I cannot figure out how to convert back to a non-Microsoft account. Anyone have any idea?
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    Once more. Driver expool errors?? Stuck.

    Stuck again, but I do not want to have to reload windows. Basically my machine will come up in safe mode only. I cannot lunch in safe mode and networking which gives me the impression that my machine has a problem with its network driver. I get the driver_corrupted_expool error every time...
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    Uninstalled Outlook 2010, now can't start Windows?

    Well.. this is wonderful.. I just purchased the 10 dollar version of Office 2013 pro for home use through the company I work for. Prior to installing, I figured, I should probably first uninstall 2010 just so everything is a nice clean slate. After uninstalling 2010 though, I got prompted...
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    Samsung phn no longer showing in my comp, deactivates win?

    Can anyone tell my why as of yesterday, when I plug my Samsung Galaxy S3 into my downstairs windows 8 machine, it not only fails to show up in my computer, but also deactivates Windows. I actually got so wierded out by that last, that I wound up calling Microsoft. I had just spoken with them a...
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    Reloaded windows, need to repurchase apps?

    I reloaded 8 on my wife's computer with windows 8 this day, as we had been having some sharing difficulties that I was attempting to alleviate. Previously, we had gone ahead and purchased a copy of the game 'cut the rope' for 5 bucks. Now, after re-load, it is prompting me to re-purchase the...
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    I have yet to meet anyone in person who actually likes it

    I finally broke down and installed classic shell on my desktop a few days back and I must say, I find this OS so much more enjoyable with it. I have proceeded to install this app on a friends new laptop, as well as a distant family member's pc. Both were very grateful to have the start menu...
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    Trouble power cycling a remote machine.

    I wonder if anyone else has tried rebooting a Windows 8 machine remotely yet. This is probably not a common occurrence yet, though it someday may be, and it turned out to be quite a debacle. Obviously we all know that in order to reboot a machine, we have to access the charms bar, go to...
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    I still cannot decide if I like this OS.

    I have been using this OS for about 3 weeks now, and I still cannot decide if I really like it or if I am still just trying to like it. I think with a touch screen I might be 100% sold on it, but I don't have a touch screen. What I am noticing, is that most of the metro apps I have...
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    Solved People and Mail Apps will no longer launch.

    This is a little frustrating. Both my people and my mail app will no longer launch. I did some googling, but so far none of the suggestions I have found worked. Tried re-installing. Right now my account is a local account. Any advice appreciated..
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    Is there a way to get to program list?

    Is there a better than decent way to get to the program list in windows 8, similar to the one we used to have on the start menu, without installing 3rd party applications?
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    Why don't some apps show up in Task manager, app history?

    I only have a few examples of this, but Mozilla firefox is a big one. I am currently typing this forum post in the application, while at the same time I have the task manager up on the app history tab. Firefox is no where to be seen. I think the only apps that show up there, are Metro apps...
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    Are there any plans by Microsoft to make Metro Tiles more edit-able?

    Never thought I would say this, but Windows 8 is growing on me. I bought my copy for 40$ after a more extended trial. I still cannot see myself installing it on my work computer, but I see great potential for the OS as an entertainment pc, once some of the quirks are worked out of it. Most of...
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    Solved Why don't windows go on top of others when selected from task bar?

    Here is another annoying feature I am noticing in windows 8. If I am browsing the net in Firefox, and I want to pull up another window which I select like normal from the task bar. It does not pull up. All too often, I am finding that I have to manually minimize my active window in order to...
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    Solved How to add photos to photos app?

    Anyone know of a way to add photos to the photos app, that are already on your computer. After reloading my machine, I copied all of my photos from my old profile my pics, to my new profile my pics. Photo app does not seem to be smart enough to find them, and I cannot figure out a way to add...