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    Constantly getting the page can not be displayed

    Hi, doesn't matter if it's IE or Opera. I never had this problem until after updating to the preview yesterday. Anyone else? Is there some kind of fix? I even get it on this site when refreshing or changing pages, sometime a refresh works and sometimes not. I have xfinity internet and they...
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    Delayed Watcher start up

    Is this needed to start up?
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    Defender scanning SSD. More files scanned than listed

    Hi. I just got a new laptop and installed a 256gb SSD in it and have installed nothing but drivers etc. I'm running a full scan with defender and it has been running for 4:12 now and the bar has hardly moved past a quarter inch. I found a command to run that tells how many files on your disk. It...
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    Anyone use a Toshiba Encore 8 yet?

    Hi all. I'm interested in this tablet but haven't seen any real people reviews yet. Anyone here try it and if so what do you think? Thanks
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    Yahoo messenger email notification

    Hi, I have installed firefox and have it set as my default browser but when I get an email notification from yahoo messenger and click on it to open my mail it opens IE. Anyone else have this bug? Which would need an update to fix it Yahoo or Windows?
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    Solved HP G60 120US battery showing plugged in 0% not charging

    Hi anyone getting this? Any way to resolve? Thanks