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    Solved chrome google search option

    i want chrome to open new tab in background instead of default foreground option when i click on "Search Google for blah blah". thanx in advance
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    Solved problem opening pdf files downloaded from yahoo mail

    i have received 2 pdf files in a single email. i have downloaded 2 pdf files from yahoo mail, first individually and then both of them in a single zip file yahoo mail option however i am unable to open both files in Acrobat reader DC and Foxit Phantom PDF Reader, i have installed latest...
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    joke thread

    jokes anybody my car is bullet proof as long as bullet do not hit it
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    windows explorer windows open in maximize

    when i click on windows explorer icon in taskbar, it open it in normal window ie not maximize as shown in figure i want it to open in maximize windows, which i selected in windows explorer properties
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    Solved best free tool to remove image.exe

    please recommend some free tools to remove image.exe virus thanks in advance
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    changing time font only

    is it possible to change windows time font from white to black without changing the rest of windows font settings thanx in advance
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    Solved HP Printer Problem Ink Cartridge Carriage Stalled

    My HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2136 has following problem Ink Cartridge Carriage Stalled This problem happens when i print a any MS Excel File It prints other files fine.
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    Solved USB Hard Disk Error

    I am unable to copy files or create new folders on my seagate 500GB Hard Disk
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    open source drivers

    lets begin petition to printer/scanner/graphic makers that open source your drivers
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    Solved unable to play ludoking

    i was playing ludoking (Ludo King - Play Online) and it was fine, until few days ago it start giving me this problem, i have reinstalled unity but still the problem didnt go away the same problem happens both in chrome and FireFox. i didnt try IE because the website says it only works in chrome...
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    Solved copying files hit by power outage

    i was copying files from usb to hard disk when my computer was hit by power outage when light came back, the files were gone, ie the files were neither present on usb nor on hard disk
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    window script component error

    i am getting this error message when i login first time after reboot
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    Visual Studio Just in time debgugger

    I am getting this error message and can not get rid of it when i click ok another one appears
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    Solved chrome taking too long to open webpages

    google chrome is taking too long to open webpages when its open right away in IE or chrome incognito mode i dont like using IEages when
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    Solved yahoo email and IE Problem

    whenever i open yahoo email in IE it gives me following problem this only happens in IE as i also use chrome and never face this problem in chrome, i dont use FireFox or Opera, so i cant say anything about these two browsers
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    wifi sometimes work and sometimes dont work

    my laptop wifi sometimes dont work at home so i turn it off and then turn it on and it works this only happens with home wifi, in office i dont face this problem this problem appeared when i replaced my faulty CPU fan with a new CPU fan CPU fan was not working so i went to computer repair...
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    Recent Items sorted listed

    whenever i click on recent items folders, it sorts the folders and files by filename by default i wish recent items should be displayed by date modified every time i click on recent item please forgive my poor englush
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    Solved HP Laptop charger sometime work and sometime dont work

    i have HP Laptop, its charger is giving me problems for last couple of days sometimes it works and sometime it dont work there is a little light white bulb near the charger, which is turned on whenever i insert the charger whether it works or not
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    Solved copy speed of different USB devices

    when i insert USB devices in my laptop, the copy speed varies between different usb devices ie ranges from 3MB/s to 30MB/s what is the reason for copy speed variance between these devices my usb port is 2.0 specification forgive my poor english
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    Windows 8 saved folder option

    Whenever i try to save a new file it goes directly to "Onedrive\Documents" i prefer it should go to Documents folder by default