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  1. gzt7d8

    IE 11 Crashes every time it opens

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  2. gzt7d8

    IE 11 Crashes every time it opens

    Thanks for the reply. There are a couple of things in that article that I haven't tried. But, what do you make of the fact IE works fine if I Run as Administrator? I don't know what that is telling me.
  3. gzt7d8

    IE 11 Crashes every time it opens

    IE crashes every time you launch the app. I get the window that says "Internet Explorer has stopped working Looking for a solution." Here are the things that I've done to try and fix it 1. Went into Programs and Features, unchecked Internet Explorer to uninstall it, rebooted. Then went back...
  4. gzt7d8

    4/21/2015 Optional Updates

    Has anyone looked up every update to see what it does? I have 20 updates and in many cases, "If it's not broke, don't fix it." I just don't want to create problems I don't have.
  5. gzt7d8

    lots of updates :)

    Why do you do a disc cleanup after you install updates? I guess i missed the memo. Thanks,
  6. gzt7d8

    How do I remove Windows Edition from desktop

    Thanks Shawn, I think after talking to Tech Support I'll give it til Friday and see what happens. This activation process they are using now is new to me, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt before I do anything else. Greg
  7. gzt7d8

    How do I remove Windows Edition from desktop

    This is what I learned...hopefully it's not too confusing, even though I'm not sure I understand it yet. This computer I'm posting about, I just got it new on Friday. When it started up it went through screens resembling Windows installation. Well, I thought it registered and activated the OS...
  8. gzt7d8

    How do I remove Windows Edition from desktop

    Hmmm, I'll have to check but I thought it was already.
  9. gzt7d8

    How do I remove Windows Edition from desktop

    I just installed the Windows Media Center feature on my Win 8 Pro edition. After the installation and reboot, I'm now seeing the Windows Edition name in the lower right corner of the desktop. Is there a way I can remove that? Thanks, Greg
  10. gzt7d8

    Solved How do I remove & replace the current acccount

    Thanks Shawn, that suggestion sounds very doable.
  11. gzt7d8

    Solved How do I remove & replace the current acccount

    I'm selling my Windows 8 laptop and need to find out how I remove the current account and replace it with the prospective buyer? The laptop came with Windows 8, there were no recovery disc with the purchase so I used Reflect to create an image after the laptop was setup. The laptop still has...
  12. gzt7d8

    What made you pick your screen name?

    First id issued to me when I started to work. Still working in the same place, 40 years sort of stuck with me. :) Greg
  13. gzt7d8

    Windows 1.0 Is Nearly Identical to Windows 8 – Photo

    I saw that article on Softpedia and got a hoot out of it. I never ran Windows 1.0, got into the game on Windows 2.0 but still seems to be a step backwards considering all the smart people we have in this world. Greg
  14. gzt7d8

    Windows 8.2. New Changes Are Coming

    Hey I'll take a wait and see approach. MS said they were bring back the Start Button in 8.1 and we all got excited just to be disappointed. What I would like to see that is not on the list is to bring back Aero. I never understood why they thought that one OS would be fine for all devices. I...
  15. gzt7d8

    Windows 8.1 Full Features List

    Well if the Start Button is just a short cut to the Start Menu then that doesn't clarify as a Start Button at all. Why don't they just put the short cut on the desktop. That seems kind a worthless to me. Guess I'll keep my 3rd party app and hope they find a way to get around MS short cut...
  16. gzt7d8

    More than half of Windows 8 users just treat it like Win 7

    Like Frank Sinatra sang the song "My Way", that's how I'm using Windows 8 to look like Windows 7. I admit I'm using one of those addons to give me my Start Button back but other than that, I too like the quick boot up of Windows 8. Even though I've been I Windows user since 1989, yeah I'm an...
  17. gzt7d8

    Start button to re-appear in Windows Blue (From W7 Forum)

    Thank you! ps: Can you please return my Aero too, I've seem to lost that too!
  18. gzt7d8

    Microsoft wins, even if the PC loses

    Well, I love my desktop so MS got to hang around for that. If MS is dead in 4 years, so is the PC hardware companies and all their profits.
  19. gzt7d8

    Windows 6.3 build 9319 spotted in the wild

    So I've read the rumors on Windows Blue but the statement I don't understand is statement regarding the kernel. So what does that mean to the novice? Is it performance related or stability? Or does it mean something completely different? Thanks, Greg
  20. gzt7d8

    Show us your WEI

    I got a nice boost by upgrading my video card from a GTX 295 to a GTX 560. Moved the needle from 5.9 to 7.6. :D