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  1. Dick Jagger


    Ive been using a SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra MicroSDXC Class 10 Memory Card with my Lumia 1520 for the last year with little to no problems, then last week the phone can no longer save photos to the camera roll on the card. I've tried all of teh trouble shooting I can, and have made a copy of the...
  2. Dick Jagger

    How to apply an icc profile from one monitor to another

    Just got a new monitor and cant seem to get it calibrated to match the original external display that I set up last year. The settings I've adjusted through both monitors (hardware) on screen settings menu are identical, yet the color profiles look a bit off. Under color management, there is an...
  3. Dick Jagger

    How to display date in the inbox of Metro Mail app?

    My inboxes show the day mail has arrived, not the date, for the past week. Scrolling through the inbox, it is difficult to find mail based on when it was received. Is there any way to change the view of information display?
  4. Dick Jagger

    How to remove old users from This PC > Users

    I have a few Temp logons recently, and then had to copy my profile over to a new user account. Creation of the new user account seems to have gone pretty well, once I signed into my Microsoft account, everything associated with it is as it should be. However, there a few of the older "Users"...
  5. Dick Jagger

    Switching between Desktop and Metro interfaces on a laptop

    I have an Asus N550JV touchscreen laptop that I use primarily as a desktop replacement with my external monitors. I have set everything up to use the desktop interface and desktop versions of all apps where possible. Today I decided to take the laptop out and am now using the touchscreen. I am...