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  1. geeve420

    Solved KB2919355 installed on 3/18/2014? How is that possible?

    So my boss brought his laptop up for me to update for him. First thing was to update the apps, then go from 8 to 8.1. Did that with no hassle. Started checking MS update for 8.1.1 update (KB2919355) and it kept showing up to date, so I looked in "Installed Updates" to make sure I had KB2919442...
  2. geeve420

    Way to change tile color to all one color?

    I have my background set on the start screen and have the accent color set to all grey. I was wondering if anyone has found a way to change the tile color to all one color, like grey, to match my background. Right now I have this really nice pic and it is over run with what looks like a unicorn...
  3. geeve420

    Solved Connect Gmail to mail metro app without live ID?

    Is there any way to connect my Gmail account to the Mail Metro App without having to use my Live ID? I have absolutely no desire to tie all my stuff to a MS Live ID. Just want to be able to check my mail. I have already installed Skype desktop to get around the Live ID crap for the metro...
  4. geeve420

    Microsoft's Xbox chief leaving to head Zynga

    "Executive Don Mattrick, who unveiled the Xbox One in May, is leaving Microsoft to head Zynga, the struggling online social gaming company best known for FarmVille. Mark Pincus, Zynga’s founding chief executive, announced in an effusive memo to employees Monday that Mattrick, 49, would replace...
  5. geeve420

    Will new legislation mean warning label for Xbox One?

    Source: Will new legislation mean warning label for Xbox One? | Games Blog - Yahoo! Games
  6. geeve420

    Solved Can I give my copy of W8 to someone else?

    I bought 8 on the $40 deal, burned it to dvd. I don't use it anymore at all. I have gone to Linux 100% now. My friend wants it to go along with his new surface pro, but doesn't want to dish out another $200. My question is, can I give him my copy legaly to have? Thanks Geeve
  7. geeve420

    Any other classic car folks out there?

    I started talking about this in another thread, but just wondering if there is anyone else out there with a classic car? I have a 1959 Edsel Ranger that I just finished restoring back to stock this spring and got to drive around most of the summer. I love this car, it is a metal boat that is...
  8. geeve420

    AT&T Nokia lumia 920 in back order

    AT&T Nokia lumia 920 on back order EDIT: I would like to make clear I am in no way upset with Nokia or AT&T about the back order. I just wanted to share with you all that they are on backlog via the 800#. My local store has some in stock, but I had to go through the 800 # to get the early...
  9. geeve420

    Free great Programs for Windows 8

    We have this topic over at the 7 forums so I thought it would be good to have here as well. If this has been done Mods please remove! I will start: This is a great DVD Maker alternative! DVDStyler - Free DVD Authoring Application "DVDStyler is a cross-platform free DVD authoring application...
  10. geeve420

    Solved Windows DVD maker or similar?

    I am looking for a DVD maker software (of course free is best). Windows DVD maker doesn't seem to be downloadable. Any suggestions? I just need to be able to add my vids to it and create a dvd menu. I plan on making some DVD's for Christmas for my daughters Grandparents.... Thanks Geeve
  11. geeve420

    Solved Trying to pin Reboot to MetroUI/Modern UI

    I was able to get Shutdown pinned by creating a shortcut on the desktop, setting the target as: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 5 -c "Machine is shutting down..." then choosing an icon. After that was done I moved the shortcut to: C:\Users\(user...
  12. geeve420

    Solved thoughts from gurus on a fresh reinstall live tile issues.

    I bought my online upgrade and let it proceed from W7 and later downloaded and burned the .iso, so what I have is a true upgrade from W7 and not a clean install. I really have no big issues, just anoyances really, with my live tiles. My Live tiles don't update them selves unless I open them...