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    Solved USB Flash or External HD - Which is better?

    I need to make a backup image of my HD and my question is this. Which is easier, when it comes to restoring the image, USB flash or External HD? I ask because I wonder if I made an image on an external HD when it comes to the actual restoration, would the external HD boot, if say my OS is so...
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    Windows 8 Pricing Goes back to normal

    Windows 8 Pricing Goes Back to Normal - Yahoo! News
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    Solved Desktop.ini icon suddenly appearing

    All of a sudden I have this desktop.ini icon on my desktop when it had not been there before. When I delete it, as soon as it is deleted it reappears on my desktop. Seems unusual to me. Any thoughts?
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    Windows 8 Grabs 2.3% of web traffic

    Windows 8 Grabs 2.3% of All Windows Traffic After 48 Days
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    Something up Microsoft's sleeeve..

    Might want to read this. ReadWrite – Windows 8's 2013 Enterprise Report Card: It Ain't No "A"