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    Solved Document shortcuts on Desktop

    I haven't been here for a while, but thanks to those who suggested I use Quick Launch; I eventually found out how to use it, and really it. Thank you to everyone who responded and tried to help me.
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    Quick Launch - Add to Taskbar in Windows 8

    I think I've finally (I think) got Quick Launch on my Taskbar, Thank you, but now how do I use it? When I click on it, it doesn't seem to bring me to a place where I can put a document on the desktop. Is there a Quick Launch tutorial? I searched for How do use Quick Launch, but a screen...
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    Solved Document shortcuts on Desktop

    word processing documents - the first ones I tried were WordPerfect documents, but there is also a .pdf I'd like to put there.
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    Solved Document shortcuts on Desktop

    I just started using Windows 8, so I don't know where everything is. However, I would like to use the Desktop for short cuts to documents I use frequently. I can put them there all right, but when I try to use them again, I get message something like: "the document to which this shortcut...