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  1. gzt7d8

    IE 11 Crashes every time it opens

    IE crashes every time you launch the app. I get the window that says "Internet Explorer has stopped working Looking for a solution." Here are the things that I've done to try and fix it 1. Went into Programs and Features, unchecked Internet Explorer to uninstall it, rebooted. Then went back...
  2. gzt7d8

    How do I remove Windows Edition from desktop

    I just installed the Windows Media Center feature on my Win 8 Pro edition. After the installation and reboot, I'm now seeing the Windows Edition name in the lower right corner of the desktop. Is there a way I can remove that? Thanks, Greg
  3. gzt7d8

    Solved How do I remove & replace the current acccount

    I'm selling my Windows 8 laptop and need to find out how I remove the current account and replace it with the prospective buyer? The laptop came with Windows 8, there were no recovery disc with the purchase so I used Reflect to create an image after the laptop was setup. The laptop still has...
  4. gzt7d8

    Solved Shut Down and Restart no long work

    This is weird; yesterday I can not shut down the computer using the Shut Down button in Windows 8. I attributed it to some backup software that I loaded. I uninstalled the backup software, didn't fix it. Tried a restore point, that was unsuccessful, the restore did not complete correctly. I...
  5. gzt7d8

    Can you PreOrder Windows 8?

    With the introduction of Windows 7, there were many places including the Microsoft Store where you could pre-order the OS and download on the day of the release. I saw reference to that somewhere for Windows 8 but can't seem to find it for this release. Found lots of places where you can order...
  6. gzt7d8

    Solved Installation won't let me install on the Drive of my choice

    Moron question of the day: I have a 2nd drive that I partitioned and created a new drive to install Win 8. It is about 35Gb in size, but when I chose Custom install to select the drive, I'm getting a message that says "Windows can not be installed on this hard drive system. This partition...
  7. gzt7d8

    Love the Features available to Post or Reply to Threads!

    Two Thumbs Up to the Posting features that come with this Forum. I love the way that it inserts start and end tags if you Bold a word or Underline, that is so cool! (Ok the simplest things in life excite me. ) And when you want to create a bullet list, wow, select the lines and click Bullets...