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    Microsoft skips 'too good' Windows 9, jumps to Windows 10

    More here Microsoft skips 'too good' Windows 9, jumps to Windows 10 - Feature -
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    Internet Explorer 11 spotted as part of Windows Blue

    Read more at source: Internet Explorer 11 spotted as part of Windows Blue | The Verge
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    Solved Anyway of getting win 8 ISO

    What it is, I downloaded straight from MS web site, and installed it. But, I had the chance of getting the ISO, and did not take it:(. Now I'm wishing I did get the ISO, so is there anyway of getting the ISO.
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    Getting around in Windows 8

    A common thread we’ve seen in the feedback so far about Windows 8, on this blog or elsewhere, positive or negative, is that people using Windows 8 for the first time might need a little help getting their bearings. For me, the best way to get acquainted with a new operating system is a lot...
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    Windows 8 upgrade offer

    Microsoft are not hanging around, with their offer on win 8 out already.
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    Solved Pinball FX

    Im running that game in win 8 within Oracle VirtualBox, and everything is running in slow motion, anybody with the same problem. My specks are : 5670 with 512gb of ram, system ram is 4GB, with a Althon x2 2.80Ghz.
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    Intel working with 10 vendors on Windows 8 tablets

    Intel is working with 10 undisclosed Chinese and global vendors to design Windows 8 tablets using the company's chips, a senior company executive said Wednesday. "You'll probably see many Intel-based tablets by the end of this year," Intel China chairman Sean Maloney said while speaking at...
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    Microsoft: Metro not just an Interface, it's a Philosophy

    Long-time Microsoft watchers like me are marveling at the company’s transformation. Slowly but surely, the siloed behemoth that once couldn’t get its desktop and mobile operating system teams to talk to each other is now starting to glide forward as one vast entity. The most visible...
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    Win 8 in Oracle VirtualBox error

    Tried to load win 8 in the oracle virtualbox, and got this error. Has anybody seen this error message before.
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    CES 2012: Windows 8 Demo

    Tami Reller, Chief Marketing Officer of Windows, gives the crowd a demo of the Windows 8 preview during the Microsoft keynote at CES 2012. Also confirms that late Feb for Beta, and hopes that everybody will download it.
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    Windows 8 on a dell Inspiron Duo

    There is video on windows 8 being run on a Inspiron Duo, look good for those who have touch screen,
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    Win 8 screen size in Virtualbox

    Hi what is, I'm running Win 8 in Oracle VirtualBox version 4.1.4, and I'm finding the screen size to be small. I also run Ubuntu in virtualBox, and it has a big screen. Anybody any ideas on how to increase the screen size. Thanks:confused:
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    No Sound from X-FI Xtreme Gamer

    I have the latest Creative driver on here for Win 7 64bit, and I'm not getting any sound. Anybody else having this problem.
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    Solved Can't find Programs

    Where and how do you access your programs in windows 8. I have been looking all day, and found nothing, if you want to run the disc clean up, I can't find it.
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    Windows 8 Task Manager looks good.

    I do like the layout of the Task manager.:party: Windows 8 developer preview screenshots - Engadget Galleries
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    Windows 8 Start Menu

    Windows 8 Start Menu caught on camera, shows off high-contrast design:p Windows 8 Start Menu caught on camera, shows off high-contrast design -- Engadget