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  1. Vineet Garg

    how to install Win 8.1 with 'win 8.1 with Update iso ' ?

    Hi All, Sir/Madam(s), The Question : how to install win 8.1 x64 successfully with the latest win 8.1 x64 iso ? Actually, all the latest win 8.1 iso variants include the Update 2919355 (APRIL 2014) and this update roll is supposed to cause restart loop problem i.e. After you install Update...
  2. Vineet Garg

    Solved Register for Microsoft Updates without ever using IE 10

    Hi All, Sir/Madam, I have just got a laptop from my brother (used) and made a 'minimum image' restore. I made all the windows updates for 'windows 8 single Languge x64' by 'check for updates, download them but let me decide to install'. As PROs advice, i never used IE and disabled it. Now i...