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  1. stefalopod

    Recommend a Win 8 tablet/laptop hybrid for business/web design?

    Lol, "Deep Sigh" is right. I'm totally feeling you on wanting a full caffeine versions. If I needed to buy something now that was more for work/business (assuming less travel than I typically engage in), I'd look for the 13 inch device (with wacom mesh) and just take a little more weight in the...
  2. stefalopod

    Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet

    It's certainly true that Surface misses the mark on some issues -- no gps and no 3g//4g. Sigh. Actually, I can't think of any 3g/4g windows 8 devices... I wonder if 8 drinks up bandwith or something. Lack of a cellular data connection is definitely a stumbling block for me. I travel a lot and...
  3. stefalopod

    Recommend a Win 8 tablet/laptop hybrid for business/web design?

    I've been doing a lot of research into the available windows 8 devices, and it turns out that many of the specs you want (I wanted them too) are apparently incompatible on the market. For example: I can't find a 1920x1080 machine currently on the market with a 6+ hour battery life that also...
  4. stefalopod

    Recommend a Win 8 tablet/laptop hybrid for business/web design?

    Lenovo yoga doesn't support pressure sensitive stylus (digitizer)
  5. stefalopod

    Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet

    I'm fairly impressed by the Surface RT. I assumed it was going to be a piece of garbage compared to the Surface pro, but reviews since it launched got me considering picking one up until more windows 8 hybrids become available. Ultimately decided against it, but it seems quite a lot more...
  6. stefalopod

    So, how many people are actually using Windows 8 on a touch device?

    I'm running windows 8 RP on a Viliv s10 blade. I resolved the issues with sliding things out from the edges by re-calibrating my touch screen. Works like a charm now, although I had to tap up to a centimeter from the cross-hairs on the Microsoft calibrator before all the edge taps and swipes...
  7. stefalopod

    Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

    yeesh, what a freaking hassle. I can't tell you how many times I clean installed the various versions of CP and RP trying to fix various little issues. So now, if I understood correctly, I'm going to have to reinstall Win 7, using the license key under my battery to get the Win 8 pro deal...
  8. stefalopod

    Bill Gates Explains Why Microsoft Had To Punch Its PC Partners...

    Here Here! I think the time is about right for a tablet that can work as a desktop. The market has had plenty of time to experiment with a hobbled OS on the ipad (that's what I call playskool), and now consumers can have a tablet that will be perfectly functional for drafting in word, power...
  9. stefalopod

    Genius Windows 8 Touch Mouse Hands-On: Perform Gestures from Afar

    I use this for my media pc: Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse - Mouse - Wireless - RF No mouse pad necessary, air gestures to track forward and back and control volume level work really well too. why would you want to use two finger scrolling on a mouse anyway? That can't be...
  10. stefalopod

    Microsoft bought my beer.

    Lol, I wonder if people would have been quite as happy to accept them ;)
  11. stefalopod

    Microsoft bought my beer.

    Do you suppose there's enough beer in Australia?
  12. stefalopod

    Microsoft really, really wants you on the Windows RT bandwagon

    Lol! Microsoft has to push RT development because there are, like, no metro apps (if you didn't just read that in a valley girl accent, you should have). Unless the metro store grows substantially, Surface RT purchasers are going to be really annoyed when they get their shiny device home and...
  13. stefalopod

    Will you upgrade? That is the question...

    Definitely a big yes for me. Windows 8 made my tablet usable.
  14. stefalopod

    Microsoft bought my beer.

    So I'm in Norway. On Wednesday I went down to visit my husband's friend at a startup work space in Oslo, at this place: Introducing Startup Summer 2012 teams | Startup Norway It turned out we had missed the representative from Microsoft by about half an hour. He was down there to give a...
  15. stefalopod

    Developer Guidance for Web Sites with Flash Content in Windows 8

    I understand that plenty of people won't agree with me, but I liked IE10Metro in CP -- the webs were so much cleaner.
  16. stefalopod

    Buy Win7 computer after 2 June and it is $14.99 for windows 8 pro*

    I wonder how many users will upgrade to 8 and then revert back to 7? That'll be a handy data set. You'd have to have your head in the sand to buy a touch screen PC between June 12 and the Windows 8 launch; upgrading will be pretty irrelevant to everyone else.
  17. stefalopod

    Hey, Windows 8 doesn't suck

    Great graphic! I hadn't seen that one yet! I had heard that Samsung defended an intellectual property suit in the EU brought by apple (who claimed they had patented a thin touch screen device that you tap, etc). Samsung pointed out the PADD in TNG and called it prior art. Just beautiful! LOL.
  18. stefalopod

    Did MS just kill the Windows oem market ?

    That's why I like to vote with my money. I just don't buy from companies that don't offer good service. I started a warranty claim with Nokia once two days before the manufacturer warranty expired. They sent me a packet to mail my phone to them, and I sent the phone well after the expiration...
  19. stefalopod

    Lumia 900 Owners

    I go to Radio Shack now instead of best buy -- it's a lot smaller, but there's something like seven of them in the city, so one of them is bound to have what I want. I've given up on checking online to see if things are available in my local Best Buy, because half the time best buy can't even...
  20. stefalopod

    What to do if Windows 8 Release Preview won't install

    Lol, "pooched" sounds like a good description of that whole situation. What a hassle :(