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  1. chris98

    Wireless drivers issue

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a laptop and downgraded it to Windows 8. I intend to upgrade to 8.1 on this machine, and so far everything works perfectly apart from one thing. I have a whole load of drivers in device management related to wireless networks that I can't install because I'm...
  2. chris98

    Use disk drive in VMware Workstation

    Greetings, I recently purchased an old game which I sued to play, and it broke my Windows 8 laptop. Don't ask how, I think it was something to do with the boot configuration when I installed it, as the computer needed to restart to complete the installation. I want to play this game so I got an...
  3. chris98

    Windows couldn't connect to the group policy service

    No idea how this happened. Just turned my Computer off, started it yesterday, and got this error. Turned it off several more times and back on again and I'm still getting it. Had a look around and found a few potential solutions. I tried an sfc/ scannow but that hasn't done a thing to fix it...
  4. chris98

    Unable to delete file - access denied

    As the title states, I'm unable to delete two files on my computer (inside the folder 'logs' in the screenshot below), as I receive access denied errors. I've tried take ownership, through command prompt (as an administrator), Malware Bytes' File Assassin, and all of them say that I can't even...
  5. chris98

    Unable to access internet after installing Windows 8

    I'm not able to connect to the internet using an Acer Aspire E 17. The product model is E5-773-579L. I installed Windows 8 over Windows ten and formatted the old Windows, the only thing which I can't do is use the internet. I've tried with some drivers that I found but they installed and didn't...
  6. chris98

    Unable to delete zip folder newly created

    Unable to delete newly created zip folder I created a zip folder to send in an attachment to someone, it contains a fee CSS files, and a TPL file. I successfully managed to send it, but when it came to delete it I can't. It says that I required permission from the computer administrator to...
  7. chris98

    Cookies are only setting in one tab

    Yes, as the title says, cookies are only setting in one tab using Internet Explorer 11. Other browsers seems to be, but I haven't used them long enough to prove it. I made a thread on the Microsoft forum about it, to which I received basically no reply at all (that was useful) : Cookies only...
  8. chris98

    Solved Moving Partition from 'Disk 1' to 'Disk 0'

    Hi. A while back, a friend of mine partitioned my hard drive and added in a virtual machine for Windows Vista, which was 100 GB in size. This was fine at the time, however now my Windows 8 seems to be randomly shrinking. Over the past few weeks I've lost about 100 GB and I can't understand why...
  9. chris98

    DreamScene for Windows 8?

    I've heard about it, I know you can do on it 7 & Vista as I've successfully done it. But whenever I attempt it on Windows 8, I get this error: No matter what I click, it doesn't do anything and DreamScene doesn't work. How can I succesfuly install DreamScene for Windows 8? Error Details:
  10. chris98

    Solved Internet Connectivity Problem

    Hello, I have recently purchased a laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed. I could work it fine, and the internet could also work with no problems with wifi. I also bought Windows 8 pro, and installed it from scratch (at that point, I did not know that I could just open the properties of computer...