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  1. HPDeskjet

    Real Player15 incompatible with Windows 8

    The latest version of Real Player still seems to be incompatible with Windows 8. Every time I use it for any length of time it just breaks. Windows 8 It freezes, no information is to be seen on the page and also note the blue bar at the top of the screen instead of the selected system colour...
  2. HPDeskjet

    Mail, Calender & People apps refuse to sync with Windows Live Account

    My Windows Live account refuses to synch with my Mail, Calender & People apps in Metro using Release Preview. I keep getting an error message stating that my account is not available. My Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & Google Mail accounts synch without a hitch. My Windows Live...
  3. HPDeskjet

    I am a PC, not a tablet As far as I am aware, Microsoft are holding back the final look of the desktop version of Windows 8. That's according to CNet in any case. That said, they've had a lot to take on board the last few months feedback wise. I fear they have listened to...
  4. HPDeskjet

    Release Preview - Nothing but problem after problem after problem.

    I had no problems with Customer Preview, everything worked, but, I must say that this Release Preview is another story all together. My PC hardware configuration is unchanged since installing Windows 7 when it came on to the market. 1. Doing a clean install did not install a clean...
  5. HPDeskjet

    Reports of the death of the PC are greatly exaggerated

    A good article from the UK's The Guardian newspaper. "Tablets may be selling like hot cakes but there will always be a place – and a market – for the personal computer" I do agree with the writer of the piece when he says "there will always be a place – and a market – for the personal...
  6. HPDeskjet

    Cannot open Bluetooth settings

    I cannot access my Bluetooth setting via the Taskbar. When clicking on the 'Open Settings' link nothing opens. Is there a fix for this? Bluetooth also does not show up in the Control Panel. I want to ensure that my Bluetooth connection is not open/ visible to everyone.
  7. HPDeskjet

    Office 15 Technical Preview screenshots [Metro Interface]

    You can view screenshots of Office 15 here: Gallery: Office 15 Technical Preview screenshots | The Verge and here New Office 15 Features Leak In Their Full Metro Glory [SCREENSHOTS] | Redmond Pie
  8. HPDeskjet


    Finally got Quicktime Pro up and running for streaming and stand alone, etc.. I was unaware that you now have to download it separately. Apparently it's no longer included in when downloading iTunes. Seems to work fine in Windows 8.
  9. HPDeskjet

    Opera 11.61

    I've been using Opera 11.61 for Windows as my default browser since installing Window 8 CP. I can only say that it works fine as the default browser in Windows 8. Exceptionally fast and not a single crash or application hang. Browser for Windows, Mac & Linux | Download the latest Opera...
  10. HPDeskjet

    Creative Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Audio card

    The Creative Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Audio card works fine in Windows 8. The drivers for Windows 7 work without any problem and the Creative updater and control panel also work as they should in Windows 8. The drivers can be downloaded here for the X-Fi Xtreme Audio card - Creative Worldwide...
  11. HPDeskjet

    Nvidia GT240

    The Nvidia GT240 graphics card for desktops works flawlessly with the latest Windows 8 64-bit drivers. You can download the latest Nvidia Windows 8 drivers from their website. The drivers that are automatically installed for Nvidia cards on installing Win 8 are out of date. The most recent...
  12. HPDeskjet

    Windows 8 CP Tablet Vs. iPad 2 Running iOS 5 – Head To Head [Video]

    A bit of an unfair comparison, a [pre]beta versus iOS. Nonethless intersesting. Windows 8 Consumer Preview Tablet Vs. iPad 2 Running iOS 5 - Head To Head Feature Comparison [VIDEO] | Redmond Pie
  13. HPDeskjet

    This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

    This could be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista. I’ve been trying out the Consumer Preview for a couple of days now and it looks as though MS have chosen to make using the desktop UI in Windows we all know as difficult and frustrating as possible. On logging in for the first...