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  1. Lebon14

    Microsoft is bringing the Start Menu back

    Well, I hope the final menu will look better than the atrocity that was that mockup.
  2. Lebon14

    Microsoft is bringing the Start Menu back

    The m*f*k*g tiles! They just can't remove them fully so they can piddle us off even more? *Walking away, not exactly happy*
  3. Lebon14

    Last chance to subscribe to Technet (31 Aug 2013 deadline)

    If I had money, I would subscribe right now.
  4. Lebon14

    Microsoft KB2859537 Update Causes BSOD on Windows 7

    Didn't update here yet, good thing I didn't.
  5. Lebon14

    Xbox One's DRM puportedly explained by "Xbox engineer"

    If XB1 is using a similar way of doing things than on steam, then why can't you use your game on another XB1? I mean, you can install Steam on another computer, download your game there and play. You can do that on 50 computers. But on XB1, you can't do that because you have to get through so...
  6. Lebon14

    The heck?!

    Things that should have been built in to begin with needs to be replace with 3rd Party that can screw the system up? No thanks. Boots faster? Yeah, like 4 seconds is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long, it's seems like years! Easier on hardware? Sure....... it's not like using 100MB...
  7. Lebon14

    The heck?!

    OK, so here's the deal. My dad purchased a brand new 17" Dell laptop (17R) with Core i7, 8GB of RAM... and it came with, of course, Windows 8. So, we purchased an extra Windows 7 HP x64 OEM licence for it. So, I decided to check it (Win8) out before formatting it back to Windows 7. (I'm...
  8. Lebon14

    Why Windows Blue Start Button Debate Doesn’t Really Matter

    You, sir, win a medal! EDIT I've read that the supposedly "Start Button" is just a decoy to make the Start Screen appear. If it is so, Windows 7 has beautiful days ahead of it. I don't need a whole shelf covering a whole wall to handle what a 3-drawers shelf can do.
  9. Lebon14

    Will Windows 8.1 allow users to boot to desktop?

    No, that's an UI on its own. The desktop is something and it lacks the Start Menu. Metro & Desktop UI should be separate, not mixed together.
  10. Lebon14

    Twitter hacked, 250,000 users affected

    I did not receive a password reset notification so that means that my account wasn't stolen.
  11. Lebon14

    Oracle releases software update to fix Java vulnerability

    Just updated. Thanks for the heads up, Brink.
  12. Lebon14

    Rumor - Microsoft to Release Windows Blue, the First Free

    I see a bit of light with this Windows Blue. I hope it will correct the things I hate most from Windows 8... i.e: - Metro - No start button. Also, I hope I'll be able to install from a Windows 7 machine, my machine :)
  13. Lebon14

    Microsoft Looking to Tighten Up Windows 8 Activation Requirements

    Again, you are reading it wrong. If you build your own computer and buy Windows 8, it has it's own serial key that you enter during install. Then, you activate it like you always did and Microsoft will not change/read/write your BIOS. They won't. What they want to do is, pre-built computer...
  14. Lebon14

    Why Microsoft killed the Windows Start button

    I stopped reading after this. I don't know where the f- they got this statement from but fact is, I still use the Start Menu (and I consider myself a Power User) and everyone I know that are using Windows USE the start menu. FGS I couldn't agree more!
  15. Lebon14

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview - One word: fail

    Hahaha. I love this guy. I think we could go along together well!
  16. Lebon14

    2-for-1: Can Windows 8 satisfy both the desktop and the tablet?

    I can only agree with this statement. I hate Metro. I don't even need to use it, I know I will hate it. Microsoft didn't head in the right direction. To everybody I talked about the disappearance of the Start Menu all agreed with me : it will be hell for Mr. Mrs. Everybody. Everybody in...
  17. Lebon14

    Windows 8 screenshots of build 8220 leak, new info surfaces

    The more we are approaching release, the more I'm disgusted by Win8
  18. Lebon14

    Say goodbye to BIOS — and hello to UEFI!

    Still stuck on BIOS for the next couple of years... until I change computers. I know that it's a "couple" of years coz I don't have a job, can't find one (in the state I am) and I live on 400$ a month, so yeah. So I will use my good ol' BIOS until then...
  19. Lebon14

    Windows 8 pre-beta (8175) hands-on video and pictures

    Thanks but no thanks Microsoft.