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    Solved I simply don't get all these problems

    Brink; started up computer today with a raid array error. Defrag showed 14% fragmented but unable to repair. SFC says found corrupt files but unable to repair some of them. I can't open CBS.log it says access denied. I ran Alienware Autoposy and it says my two hard drives are fine. Can you or...
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    Windows 8.1 User Account Corruption - Geforce Experience

    Quite a few people (including myself) on the Geforce forums getting an install fail on the Geforce experience software which creates a user account. The mod just mentioned we may be dealing with a much bigger problem - Microsoft account corruption. They asked members to try and create another...
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    XE Currency App Not Working

    Is anyone else having problems with this app? I installed it two days ago, selecting my currencies. When I run it, it shows "refreshing" and then says "unable to update rates - come back later". It hasn't given any currency rates since I installed it. Uninstalled/reinstalled with the same results.
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    Solved Lost Administrator Password

    Installed Windows 8 on my desktop. Bought another licence (download) for my wife's laptop. Everything went fine until I used netplwiz to change her to the administrator and only user. I thought that went ok but now she is the only user and I'm being prompted for a password everywhere which...