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    Solved Windows 8 (re)installation wqith multiple monitors

    I have an ASUS mother board and don't use an graphics card. I had two monitors and an HDMI cable plugged in. The short story is that the Intel drivers seem to get lost. Windows installed normally until it went into to the final setup. The program will switch to another screen at this point and...
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    Thrasferring upgrade to SSD

    Once I have Win 8 activated on a hard drive is there any problem transferring an upgrade to a new SSD?
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    ISO and USB drive.

    I downloaded and picked USB. Everything seems fine but is there a way to write an .ISO file from the download? Are these files located in C:\ESD\Wondows?
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    HDMI and Windows 8

    I recently acquired a new TV and hooked up an HDMI cable from my computer to it. No sound. I spent quite a bit of time searching for a solution, found a lot of people have this problem on most computers, found a lot of complex solutions, and then found the Windows 8 solution. I suspect it...
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    Solved Two monitors and a computer

    I'm running Windows 8 with an Asus 1155 MB and no additional cards. Performance has been all I need with two monitors but now I have obtained an LCD TV. Will Windows 8 show all three if I just plug the LCD into the HDMI port? I can't find anything on the Asus site etc.