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    getting slower in VirtualBox, disk is very busy

    I'm running Windows 8.1 (upgraded from Windows 7 SP1) in VirtualBox on Ubuntu 14.04. This setup has been satisfactory for many months. In recent weeks the Windows boot has the hard disk running continually for about 5 minutes. This is far longer than usual. Even activities such as web browsing...
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    what happens to the Win 7 license after I upgrade to Win 8

    I purchased a Windows 7 laptop in 2012 (Windows 7 Home Premium "for distribution only with a new Samsung") and it has since been upgraded to Windows 8 and then later upgraded to Windows 8.1. The Windows is actually hosted on Virtual Box inside Ubuntu. I have a desktop computer from 2013 which...
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    Solved File Explorer shows extension for DLL but not other types

    Some file types appear in File Explorer with the file name extension and others do not. For example in this folder the .DLL file has the extension shown but not the .EXE files. What setting is responsible for this and how would I get more consistent behaviour?
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    change the font for paths

    How would I set up Windows 8 so that I can edit the `path` environment variable in a fixed pitch font such as `Console` or `Lucida Console`? I don't want to change the font for other parts of Windows - only where paths are displayed. It seems I've been doing this in a terribly inappropriate font...
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    Solved upgrading from 8 to 8.1 inside VirtualBox

    I'd like to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Pro. This will be run as a guest on VirtualBox 4.3.2 (the newest as of November 2013) on Ubuntu 12.04 (April 2012) with weekly updates. In Windows Store, an attempt to upgrade fails because, it indicates that Windows 8.1 is "not supported by...
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    Solved I need to have unique identifiers in Windows Explorer

    My Windows 8 runs on VirtualBox which in turn is hosted on Ubuntu. In Ubuntu I have a folder called Documents, specifically it is at \home\userName\Documents. In Windows I have a folder called Documents, specifically it is at C:\Users\userName\Documents. I can see this from Windows Explorer...
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    Solved Windows 8 hangs in VirtualBox

    I need to fix the following problem. Sometimes Windows 8 just hangs after I look around and change some of the DVD related settings in VirtualBox. My host system is ubuntu and the guest is Windows 8. When it hangs it is usually showing the Windows 7 desktop because I am always in that mode...
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    Solved can I burn a DVD from inside Windows 8 inside VirtualBox

    I've been backing up "My Documents" with CDBurnerXP because 1. I consider Windows Backups to be opaque and I prefer to keep them simple and to know what is going on 2. Windows Backups does some things I believe are risky so I will not use it 3. Windows 7 had a deep directory structure problem...
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    missing October 26 email for promotional pricing

    A couple of months back I registered for the upgrade from Seven to Eight. I received this in an email: It's been a week since the release of Eight. What happened to the upgrade offer that should have arrived in an email?