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    Will Windows 10 make it

    I installed the latest build and had a look at the new Calendar and Calculator... Microsoft is still trying a touch-first, one size fits all approach with Windows 10. It's actually going to be much harder to get away from all the Metro crap this time around that it was on Windows 8.
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    Windows 10 could prompt upgrades of 600M aging PCs

    If you use a start menu alternative and avoid using Metro crApps, Windows 10 = Windows 8. Don't see what all the fuss is about.
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    No Windows 9

    It's just good marketing: they distance themselves from Windows 8 and at the same time they generate more buzz by using a name that (almost?) no one was expecting.
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    'World's slimmest and lightest Windows Phone' to be shown

    And it's not just phones or tablets. Laptops are going exactly the same way, all following this slimness trend nonsense. If that means they cannot dissipate the heat and they have to throttle all the time and disable Turbo Boost (like Lenovo does), so be it. Sigh.
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    Firefox web browser popularity wanes

    Firefox only looked good because the competition was IE6, they've been behind for years in features, performance and security. I wonder if it's a lack of resources or they've been mismanaged instead.
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    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 announcement

    Agreed. I think the base price is actually quite attractive for such a device, but the ncreases in price for storage and memory upgrades are simply ridiculous.
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    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 announcement

    I've got a Nook HD+ that also uses 3:2 ratio. It's designed primarily for portrait use but it also works quite well for watching videos in landscape orientation. The 16:10 format that major Android manufacturers use is, simply put, retarded. The 16:9 on the original Surface is obviously worse...
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    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 announcement

    It's a device meant for work. If you're going to watch widescreen video on your tablet you can get a decent and much lighter Android tablet for a fraction of the price. I think Microsoft made the right call here.
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    Microsoft makes it official: We're all in with Android

    I don't think anecdotal evidence is going to help. I'm sure that some people trying to force the iPad into use cases it was not designed for would be happier with a Surface Pro instead. However, I believe the majority of people that buy the iPad Air do so because when it comes to form factor...
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    Microsoft makes it official: We're all in with Android

    Nice comparison of Apples and Oranges there, totally makes sense. Yeah, pun intended.
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    Microsoft makes it official: We're all in with Android

    Apple has sold only 70 million iPads Oh my. They're doomed!
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    Good-bye, Windows Phone

    That's funny since Samsung is probably the greatest offender when it comes to turning Android into bloated, ugly crap. It's not their fault really... people keep buying them! Decent Android phones are rare, but they do exist. Try a Nexus 5, a Moto X, or the amazing (considering its price) Moto...
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    The beginning of the end of Mozilla Firefox

    I'm also using Pale Moon because it seems to be faster and I like its UI a bit better, but honestly I fail to see what the big deal is, it's not like they're going to show ads on your face while you're browsing.
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    The beginning of the end of Mozilla Firefox

    They need to pay the bills somehow. I'd rather have them showing me removable ads and being honest about it than making money by tracking my browsing.
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    Despite Imminent Retirement, More Users Move to Windows XP

    Cloud storage can be convenient. I use to store it some of my electronic books, music, and the like. I just never keep anything personal on it.
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    Windows 8.1 Update 1 leaked

    I just love the link to Control Panel in PC settings. How Microsoft managed to screw up Windows so badly is beyond me. And that they're still trying to patch this monstrosity up instead of shooting it in the head, burying it, and going back to the drawing board is simply baffling.
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    4 advantages Windows 8.1 has over Android in mobile

    Sure, I'm sure that's what Microsoft was aiming for with Windows 8: serving the needs of 1% of users and annoy the rest that will simply go on buying ipads.
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    4 advantages Windows 8.1 has over Android in mobile

    And that's not a bad thing. If you try to be all things, you end up with... Windows 8. A resounding success, as we all know.
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    4 advantages Windows 8.1 has over Android in mobile

    That's the thing about Android: it doesn't have to be a desktop system, it's meant to be a mobile operating system. And it's become quite decent at that. I don't want a desktop system on my phone or tablet any more that I want a touch OS on my desktop.
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    Microsoft loses money on each Surface sold

    That's just your opinion. For some, and I'd bet it's a majority, the Lexus of tablets cannot be a tablet that weighs 900 gr and it's 13.50 mm thick. That's why they buy iPads. They know it's not going to replace their laptop and you know what? They don't care.