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    how to make a youtube icon on your home screen?

    you should try it here, I think it will be useful for you: MANTICONVERT: Free Online Converter for Images
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    Shortage Driver touch pad

    I installed window 8.1 pro 64 byte as normal 3 days ago but when I use touch pad on my laptop. it does not work. I push the button on its keyboard but no respond... Where can I get touch pad driver? Lenovo G400s
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    How to fix Window 8.1 audio problems

    I inserted a headphone to my laptop, but audio existed in both headphone and laptop speakers? How can I fix it?
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    How to resolve the mystical "The system cannot find the path specified" issue when attempting to install drivers?

    you should access on PC website to download the real driver for your PC/Desktop which are suitable for your PC/Desktop so it could not be Bug