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    Windows 8 portable

    Is there a portable version of windows 8, that can boot of of a USB drive?
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    Windows hardware insert.wav sound keeps going off

    Whenever I am using my PC, the Windows hardware insert.wav sound keeps going off. When I am watching a video on youtube, or listening to a song, and it goes off, I have to refresh the page, because the audio cuts out. is there a way to fix this, as it's VERY annoying!
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    Windows 8 won't load past splash screen

    I have been trying to install windows 8 to my 128GB ssd, with no luck. It seems to install fine, but once it tries to boot, it shows the splash screen, of the windows, and the dots turning, and it's gone after about 3 seconds, then the screen stays black, and nothing else loads! I have unplugged...