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    Memory.DMP error in widnows 8 release previw

    sometiem says memory management error sometime security kernal error pelase help asap Update W8 logs as well
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    NVIDIA drivers for HP Pavilion dv6853cl Entertainment Notebook

    I couldn't be able to find NVIDIA drivers for HP Pavilion dv6853cl Entertainment Notebook Also fan is giving annoying voice I have tried to clean it up using fast air blow method but same :( please help
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    receving error while running SF diagnostic tool

    I tried to run SF diagnostic tool first on MSINFO 32 I received Access Denied message then for rest another error message have attached images in zip fle please help
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    Facing DLL error and windows not getting updated done

    Please check the attached image fr the DLL issue I am facing
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    4GB memory ram installed 3.80 usable, why?

    Earlier I had windows 7 B memory ram 4GM was useable but not when I switched to windows 8 it said 4GB installed 3.80Useable , I tried setting maximum memory option In msnconfig boot option but it took me to256MB and took a while to fix things . Attached contain all files . Thanks
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    Cannot switch to local account

    Windows 8 not allowing me to switch to local account from email account any ideas ?
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    Solved Windows 8 hibernate issue

    I installed windows 8 consumer preview now facing two problem one is serious and other is normal stated below, 1. Whenever I put my computer on hibernate instead of hibernating its starts then turns off and restarts so I lose all my active work dreamweaver etc if I DID NOT SAVE IT. 2. I cant...