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    One Drive Program Wont Install on 8.1Pro

    hello I have just installed Win8.1pro and office 2013 - when I run the desktop installer for OneDriveSetup.exe it goes right to the end at stops and does nothing, registered as installed but does nothing? this is a new install of win8.1x64Pro on an EVO 850 SSD which shows good health/SMART...
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    Serious windows 8 bug - issue reverting updates

    Hi I work for one of the biggest PC retailers in the UK, everyday i setup counltess laptop and towers, these include pre-set up ones that are ready to use when the customer buys and also software setups for customers (such as personlisation, backup to usb, install all updates, create user...
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    Using Win 8 on Virtual Machine and says no 64-Bit support

    Hi Iam using Windows Virtual PC which was a 64-Bit version I installed, I got XP Home 32-Bit installed via it perfectly and tried to install Windows 8 x64 AND THEN Windows 8.1 x64 but on both I got the BSOD (in the Virtual Machine) almost straight away saying 64-bit CPU is not supported? ive...
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    classic shell...but also boot too desktop

    is there any FREE software like start8 that provides classic shell menu but with "boot to desktop" option? thanks
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    Best Tool for Offline Update Installs?

    Hi all Iam looking for the best program that will let me: 1) download all 'Critical Updates' - 'Security Hotfixes' - 'Important updates' (not so bothered about 'recommended updates' but would be nice) 2) put this product on a fast USB stick 3) use USB stick too bring brand new win7/8/8.1...
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    Solved is this 1ms+ DPC Latency normal?

    I see lots of people going on about DPC Latency in Windows 8 not going below 1ms (1000us)... I have seen it on a few windows 8 machines ive tested.. heres Windows 8 installed on my computer : heres XP installed : what is the problem here? thanks
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    VBS Prompts: how do I stop them?

    I have a script running every minute via Task Scheduler that pulls stats from my router for plotting over time, every minute a pop up appears saying something like "How do you want too open this type of file VBS" with Windows Script Host" even though its set as default for VBS files?? does...
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    Solved Windows 8 Explorer hangs on right-click - no icons after

    I have Windows 8 pro + WMC 64-Bit installed on a laptop .. I have noticed sometimes when I right-click a file it just hangs with the circle spinning forever - I have to terminate explorer.exe and restart it - when i do all icons are blank - after a couple of attempts all shortcuts and favourites...
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    Cant wake from sleep...only pwr btn wakes it? (tried devmg

    I have installed Windows 8 on my Acer Aspire laptop, when I sleep it I can only bring it out of sleep with the power button which is broke and i have to use a screw-driver Iam currently using the laptop as a PC with it connected to a monitor, USB Mouse and USB Keyboard and want too sleep it so...
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    Windows 8 on Android Tablets?

    My GF wants a Tablet... she fancys the Acer Aconia A210 but it runs Android and she wants Windows 8. Acer Iconia A210 Tablet PC - Tablet PCs | is it possible to install Windows 8 on that? Iam also aware that there is an ARM version of Windows 8, is that the 'core' edition? what do...
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    Solved Not allowed to stop services in BAT file?

    Hi I use BATCH files to start and stop my Anti-Virus because my system isnt great and I use real-time cpu intensive music applications, so i have an AV ON and AV OFF bat file that starts AVAST and closes AVAST... here is the code, the tskill works, but stopping the service doesnt. NET STOP...
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    Can not log other users in without logging in me 1st??

    How do I fix this? I am an Admin and my GF is also was a standard user, I have changed her to Admin too but still windows Automatically logs me in and she has to click my name then hers...seems a bit stupid that. after a search it seems that the 1st account setup is an Admin account (mine) and...
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    Wi-Fi USB Stick Driver has to be installed every boot?

    I have a Belkin F5D7050 Wi-Fi USB stick that I use, everytime I install it and reboot it does not work?? Iam using Windows 8 64-Bit I remember having some issues installing it in Windows 7 64-Bit so followed same methods of manual install via devmgr using "have disk" and choosing the .INF file...
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    Avira 12 not (fully) compatible with Windows 8

    the new version of avira has some issues on my end A) it says its out of date, so you update..just to be told its up to date?? , B) it reports there is a problem and a service isnt running , fix problem starts the update (see above) C) it doesnt report too windows its installed and running...