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    BSOD need help.

    It was my ram slots and drivers
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    BSOD need help.

    1.75 MB folder on MEGA these are the crash reports and how do i fix them? One BSOD is named DPC watchdog Violation.
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    Screen is fuzzy

    So i got a DPC-Watchdog violation and tried fixing the issue but got it again and after that i did a system reboot and installed 8.1 again, after that my screen looks worse, things like font seems off when on browsers and even the font on notepad and screen looks more fuzzy and text is harder...
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    Taskbar folder/notepad stack

    Use to be able to have like 15 or 16 folders and notepads open in the taskbar and when i hover over them they would pop up one level and then go horizontal but not once i have 13 opened and hover over they stack and go vertical. first pic is how i want them to be but with 15/16 folders and...