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    Increase maximum download threads in Chrome?

    Hiyas anybody can advise how to increase maximum simultaneous downloads in Chrome? It seems to be locked to 6 connections, the 7th is in waiting state till one of the six finishes. Btw. I have done the registry tweak at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet...
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    Boot to WinPE from primary drive boot menu

    Hi, is somehow realizable adding ISO image which is Windows PE, to be a valid entry for Windows boot menu (BCD store) ? I need to boot WinPE without using USB stick or optical media but don't know how. Thanks
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    Parallel use of two (or more) network adapters

    Hiyas, I just wonder if it could be somehow possible to use simultaneously both wired and wireless connection within one Windows instance where I could assign to every application specific adapter. I suppose more connections can't be easily aggregated as each uses own IP address? As a makeshift...
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    HD faults

    Greetings it looks like I'm having some problem with internal HD or at least the C: volume. It wasnot only one case when I caught some of files once copied to %temp% folder later randomly changed. My suspiction was there are bad sectors so ran GParted's GSmartControl thorough test and several...
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    Windows Volume Control - some aplications lose own volume level

    HI!-I'm struggling with problem of losing application-specific volume settings inside expanded volume mixer panel. I open the mixer and set application specific volume by decreasing the slider to value lower then 100%, the limited volume is then used for some period but at random moments the...
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    KB3042058, KB3088195 and user privacy

    HI ! DWSLite is uninstalling these two updates from my system I'm not able to recognize if these are issues for user privacy or not. Are they safe?
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    KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_ERROR during installing software

    HI, I'm getting occasional BSOD's when installing / uninstalling software. Latest case - KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_ERROR during Pot Player update (non intrusive installer) chkdsk c: /f - negative sfc /scannow gives an error (not sure if relevant for the Windows crash). I attach log file...
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    Solved Computer crash when installing / uninstalling software

    Greetings, I'm observing increasing cases when my OS crashes during install / uninstall process. In last case Pot Player which is not intrusive installer at all and didn't cause any instability before (no drivers or kernel libraries). It says Kernel Security Check Failure or something such...
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    Securing Microsoft-DS/NetBIOS service for only known devic

    HI, I am curious if I can secure both MS network file sharing and Remote Desktop access services that way to allow all connections from home network and block any connections from public network except connections from known devices. These devices could connect from various IPs, not predictable...
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    Disabling a volume low space alert in notification area

    Hello, can't figure out how to get rid of this. Was managing my drives to create spare 8GB partition especially for paging file, then set windows to store pagefile only there (choice manual size, minimum and maximum set to 8187MB). From this on I'm repeatedly getting that annoying notice tho...
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    External LCD display won't fall into sleep (only blank)

    Hi, my external display lost ability to fall into sleep after inactivity timeout is reached. It just turns to black screen, apparent the display is active (I don't use the blank screen screensaver). The display only switches to standby if I unplug the signal cable. Withal it was able to switch...
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    Disable LCD speakers auto set as default output device

    Hi Each time I turn off and on my extarnal LCD with (crappy) built-in speakers, they're detected as new attached hardware and auto set themselves as default instead of my preferred speakers. Can this be somehow disabled (possibly without disabling the LCD driver from system), it's irritating.
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    System Interrupts abnormal high CPU usage

    Hi, usually my laptop had in fully idle state about 1-2% CPU usage. Currently I get approximately 8-10% CPU usage in idle state. From task manager, the most demanding process is System Interrputs consuming between 5-6% CPU. I suppose this is abnormal high. Can I somehow lower this usage...
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    Solved Graphic boot menu is lost ;(

    Hello, it seems that after making some edits by EasyBCD I lost existing white/blue boot menu which appeared shortly before logon screen. Now appears text menu only instantly after boot, which however doesn't offer all menu options (UEFI USB, UEFI optical, UEFI network missing) and moreover the...
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    Access for 32 bit apps to C:\Windows\System32?

    HI, is there a directory alias that can be used for 32 bit apps to see contents of true C:\Windows\System32 on 64 bit OS? I see they always shortcut to C:\Windows\SysWow64, but in some cases I need them to open file located in 64 bit sys dir. And second problem is that I had to reinstall my OS...
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    Malformed web applet for product installer

    Hello, I'm trying install Coreldraw, it's setup launcher is based on active web applet (ie. the ribbon on top of page). It apparently doesn't initialize. I utterly need any advice that unblocks the active content. (tried to relax active content blocking in Internet Options controlpanel but...
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    Suggestion for virtual optical drive emulation software

    Hello, I've used Daemon Tools Lite recently but due to some conflicts with my OS I was suggested to uninstall it. I however need a virtual CD emulation software. Which would you recommend me? My requirements are - 100% CD/DVD media emulation, some virtual drives don't emulate hardware drive...
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    Temporary disabling all IE's content security blocking

    Hello, I came to some trouble installing CorelDraw software which apparently uses for it's setup launcher web active container performed by IE core. If I launch setup, the setup windows is evidently noninitialized showing the top warning band about active content being blocked for security...
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    Disabling drivers signature enforcement

    Hello. I've had to partially reinstal my Win8. This means I lost almost all my software and drivers. Now I have the headache again. On previous OS instance I had somehow disabled strict drivers signature (WHQL) control, so I was able to install even unsigned drivers like betas. Now on new OS...
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    Solved Mounting registry fron dead system partition

    Mounting registry from dead system partition Hi. I need to gain access to registry stored on dead Windows 8.1 partition (as mounted system volume backup). That means it's not directly bootable, I can only access it's file structure from outside. Now I'm curious if there's a software or...