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    Allowing Windows updates in Windows firewall

    Greatings, I wanted to have my firewall block outbound connections. Now I succeeded in doing so, I cannot run Windows updates, without changing Windows' firewall from "block outbound connections" to "allow outbound connections". Windows Update shows error 80240438. I allowed Windows Update in...
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    The same event happens thousands of times an hour

    Hello fellow eight users, In my computer that uses Windows 8, when I'm taking a look at the events (command eventvwr), I see many many events with Source : Netwlv32 Event ID : 5010 Description : "The description of event ID 5010 in the netwlv32 cannot be found.The component that triggered that...
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    Is my hard drive damaged?

    Hello to all, I have Windows 8 and my computer is about ten years old. My hard drive is partitionned in C and E. The C partition has no problem. When I try to click on E, I have the following message : " E cannot be accessed. The file or directory is damaged, impossible to read it". I...
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    Solved Synchronisation problem with clock in Windows 8

    Greetings, I currently have a problem with my clock in Windows 8. Now time is 16:17 (as on but on Windows 8 my clock shows 15:17. Meridian is that of Paris which is fine because I live in France. I can change my clock by adding an hour. But in that case, the change will be undone...
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    Solved How to disable Onedrive at startup

    Hello, I would like to disable Onedrive at startup. The problem is, it is a non-admin account. I have tried from the task manager / startup, but I coudn't see anything relating to Onedrive. In the task scheduler or the services, I couldn't see anything like disabling Onedrive at startup, too...