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    Help Tips - Enable or Disable in Windows 8.1

    It went away after a day. I haven't seen it since. Maybe it's timed for the initial update and once the user has visited the metro page it goes away after a day or so. This is just a guess, I'm not sure. But I haven't seen it again since the initial update.
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    Nonsense display in new 8.1 Explorer tree

    Yea, I didn't get that either. I was scratching my head on that one. But I'm just living with it. Adapt and roll with it I say. But I think it may have had a hand in deleting my Itunes music. Fortunately I had it backed up and the whole folder structure was still there on my Win7 install.
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    Solved 8.1 Successes?

    Well all is said and done. No harm no foul. Updated and no issues so far.
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    Solved 8.1 Successes?

    So I see many having issues updating to 8.1 here. Is this just few minority or are many having an issue? I just reinstalled my entire win8 about a month ago so I really don't feel like doing it again.
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    How do I setup two screens in Windows 8??

    Well from your specs you're using an AMD Radeon GPU. So you should be able to set this in the ATI catalyst software.
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    Everything to know about Windows 8.1 upgrade options

    Why did they remove the OEM personal use policy?
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    Kids can't use computers... & why it should worry you

    Sounds like huge amounts of job security for us to me. Although it seriously fascinates me how little effort too many people exhibit in even trying to troubleshoot an issue. Simple Google search would probably solve most of those simple little issues.
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    Cannot access C: Drive?

    I had this happen on laptop I was setting up for my dad. I ended up having to delete all partition and reformat.
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    Kernel-Power 41 (63) BSOD after recent Haswell upgrade

    Haswell has new power management features. Are there any bios settings that might automatically adjust. Such as over clocking automatically depending on cpu load. This would especially happen during boot. I saw a similar problem with my new video card.
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    Mouse and keyboard not working???

    What were the many solutions you tried so we're not repeating ourselves?
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    What's the Point of Start Menu for NON Touch Screen PC?

    I still don't see any valid argument against the metro start screen other than emotion. I use Win7 at work and Win8 at home. Switch back and forth without my brain having a fit. Almost anything any one is doing will be on the desktop any way. If you need access to programs frequently then...
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    Comcast Business Account vs consumer account

    Our family switched to comcast busniess due to the bandwidth cap. Now that Comcast has lifted this cap should we stay with the business account or move back over to the standard consumer account? Right now We're paying $100 a month for 27Mb Dwnld. The consumer account is 50Mb dwn for a lower...
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    Graphic Problems (?) in Windows 8

    While the laptop is on if you move the screen does the image flicker? You might have a either bad cable or a loose cable. Or like the others said a driver issue.
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    Firefox 20 & 21 & Win 8

    Wouldn't you just go to options->general tab-> and input the url in the "home page" field you want it to open to?
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    Windows 8 China PRC edition

    May I ask why you thought buying a computer in China would come in English?
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    Move Win 8 to New PC?

    He'll most likely have to activate by phone if it does give him an issue through the automate activation. I had an OEM copy that I was hoping to use on a laptop but the video card didn't have 64 bit drivers so I wiped it and installed on my desktop. I had to activate by phone. No issue from...
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    Solved Nvidia GFX Card 630GT Windows 8 x64 Artifacts

    Hmm, I have 2 different pcs with Win8 64 bit and Nvidia cards I have not seen this issue ever. Can you boot to safe mode and reinstall the latest drivers? If you boot to safe mode does it have the same artifacts? Also when you say you've booted the other OS's, do you mean you have those os's...
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    stuck on update 12/14 for 3+ hours

    That's wierd, I haven't had update issues. Any one think it could be the machines themselves since they're retail builds. Or Antivirus/malware scanner causing the sluggishness?
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    SWindows 8 Desktop help

    I agree, but the op didn't really sound intersted in learning the whole win8 environment just yet. I've seen many of your threads. I agree way too many bashing metro when it's very simple to take some time to custimize a bit and it's much faster to access programs this way rather than drill...
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    SWindows 8 Desktop help

    Did you build the computer or buy a whole new computer? If you built the computer then you'd be better offer buying a copy of Win7 for your needs. If you bought the computer with win8 you can either down grade to win7, but you'd have to purchase a copy of win7 or there are some ways to boot...