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    BSOD after/during a standby/hibernate

    All of the sudden I am getting BSOD'd when I shut the lid to my laptop. I notice that sometimes when I close the lid the laptop never goes to sleep, upon opening the lid it appears the laptop restarted and i get the your computer has recovered... I ran a Blue Screen Viewer and it appears the...
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    Snap on lower resolutons ever?

    Do you think it will ever make it so you can "snap" using lower resolutions? My Asus tablet does 1280x800 which is lower than the 1366x768. I know there was a hack on the earlier releases but was wondering if anyone knew of a way or thought there would ever be a way to do this on lower...
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    Solved Crashes sometime during a hibernate

    I have an Asus B121 slate and it crashes sometime during a hibernate I think. Its set to go to sleep after 10min and wakeup from that seems fine from what I can tell. After 180 minutes it is set to hibernate and every once in a while when it comes up I get the "Send details" " Don't send" (your...
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    Change default login account

    I started off using a local account called "Default" with no password. I have since switched over to logging in with my Live account. Whenever I reboot or the screen locks it defaults me back to the local account. Now all I have to do is click the back arrow and select my Live ID but there has...
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    Solved How do I know if my copy of Win8 will expire

    We just got a copy of Win8 Enterprise from our Software Licensing department...we have an MLA or ALA (whatever it's called :) ) How do I know if this copy will expire or if we will need to update to the version that comes out at the end of October. Basically how do I tell what I have :) Thanks...