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    8.1 Pro - volume license key. NO updated drivers?

    Hi all, installed a test system using the common VLK GCRJD-8NW9H-F2CDX-CCM8D-9D6T9, the install found drivers for all my components but the drivers are old, appear the drivers are from the install media (they're dated 2013/14) the motherboard is a 2014 ASrock GC960-gc-gs, it has the very common...
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    prefect/superfetch performance difference ?

    I have not tried turning Superfetch off to see the impact, but I'm presenting my finding on one particular app, comparing two different PC's. DELL Dimension 4600 (2003) Penium 4 2800 GHz single core, 2GB Ram AMD FX4300 based PC (2014) quad-core processor, 4GB RAM They both have the same...
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    Windows update never offers optional newer hardware drivers

    I don't think it ever has, or I did something that stops it. Here's an example, motherboard Asrock 960gs-gs fx, Network chip Realtek RTL8111G, PCIe GBE family controller PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_81681849&REV_0C The driver installed was 8.038.0015.2015 - I'm pretty sure I manually...
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    kb3172729 just offered to me

    My system is up to date but this update showed up today on my 8.1 system, out of the blue, and has shown up as an "important update". It seems to be from 2016, and is apparently a security update for Secure Boot. I'm running a legacy Bios/MBR system, and this particular install has been in...
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    unable to create a new user

    Hi all I wanted to create a new user to troubleshoot some display issues I noticed - such as the drag bar within windows is not visible until you put you mouse on it. Don't remember that before. I first noticed a problem is Firefox, but it seems as if there are other issues afoot. In Firefox...
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    Windows Updates on a new install

    Hi all, I've just installed 8.1 fresh from the MS ISO. My question has to do with the Windows Updates. Are there any standalone updates I should install before WU will work properly? I seem to remember something like this in Windows 7 for those who wanted to avoid Windows 10; eventually WU no...