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  1. strollin

    Am I the only exception or are there others?

    Reading this forum, I get the impression that my experience with Win 8.x is the exception rather than the norm. I have installed and run Win 8.x in VMs, on Desktops, laptops, netbooks and tablets and have had very few problems to the point that I don't even recall any. I install all updates...
  2. strollin

    Can't type into input fields in desktop version of IE 11

    I upgraded my laptop to Win 8.1 a few days ago and everything seemed to be working fine. I ran into an issue today using the desktop version of IE 11 where I can type text into the address bar but if I select a field on a web page, I am not able to type text into it. I normally use FireFox as...
  3. strollin

    Win 8.1 upgrade, some apps can't access internet

    I upgraded my Acer Aspire One netbook from Win 8 Pro to Win 8.1 via the Store. The upgrade went smoothly and it appears that my files and installed apps are all intact. However, IE 11 can't access the internet, can't display any web page. FireFox and Chrome work fine. Metro apps (including...
  4. strollin

    Win 8 on a netbook!

    I have an Acer Aspire One A150 netbook that's just about 5 years old that originally came with Win XP Home installed on it. On a whim, I decided to install Win 8 on it. I'm happy to report that it runs Win 8 very well and I believe it works better with Win 8 then it ever did with XP. The...
  5. strollin

    Anybody else tired of hearing these lame Win 8 complaints?

    Virtually everyday I run across a post in a forum or a news article that complains about Win 8 and how the user does not want a phone/tablet OS on their desktop/laptop. IMO, this complaint is totally without merit. I don't understand why those people can't accept that it is a DUAL PURPOSE...
  6. strollin

    Win 8.1 doesn't go far enough

    I have been using the Win 8.1 Preview and overall I like it because it allows me to set things up so that I can boot direct to the desktop which makes sense on my desktop and laptop computers since neither have a touchscreen. I personally feel that a touchscreen is only useful on smaller...
  7. strollin

    Are there ANY Metro apps that don't suck?

    So far pretty much all of the Metro apps I've tried are really terrible, clunky and amateurish. Granted, I have only tried a handful (only FREE apps) but the ones I've tried are pretty bad. Take, for instance, the Mail app that comes with Win 8. It doesn't allow any form of customization...
  8. strollin

    Solved Add Desktop Toolbar to Task bar for additional functionality

    If you add a Desktop Toolbar to the Taskbar (right-click on Taskbar, select Toolbars then Desktop) on the Desktop, you will have access to a lot more functions:
  9. strollin

    Waiting for Eight

    Just for fun, I created a countdown timer to the release of Win 8. Purely a guess as to the actual date, I used Oct 20, 2012. Wait 4 Eight