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  1. Sky Ranch

    Flash Player

    Did anyone do their updates today? I got two: November Monthly Quality and the MSRT but didn't get the embedded Flash Player Can anyone confirm if they received the flash player through WU update? Thanks.
  2. Sky Ranch

    New Windows Optional Updates

    The following optional updates were encountered this morning waiting to be downloaded and installed. I went ahead and installed the one's I thought applied to my configuration. Any thoughts? KB3083800 (installed) KB7099834 (installed) KB3100919 (installed) KB3100956 (no installed) KB3101183...
  3. Sky Ranch

    Windows 10 Failed

    Windows 10 Failed without being Reserved? I'm getting a "Windows 10 Home" failure(s) being reported by Windows Update that's showing up in the "View Update History" even though I did not reserve Windows 10. I have had multiple auto- attempts to install followed by failures showing up in...