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  1. Jody Thornton

    Flash Removal in Windows Updates

    If I download this October’s updates from the Microsoft Catalog for Windows Server 2012 or for Windows 8.1, do they still remove the built in Adobe Flash component? I last installed updates on Windows 8 back in June. I'm hoping I can skip the last three months (which include the Flash removal...
  2. Jody Thornton

    ESR 68 File/Save Dialog Box Hangs Firefox

    I posted this on the MozillaZine forum, and while it only seems to happen with Firefox ESR v68, there could be something Windows-related that I'm missing. In which case, I thought I'd share my issue with you all. I'm running Firefox ESR 68.2.0 x64 using Windows 8 x64. This issue has happened...
  3. Jody Thornton

    Event IDs 15 and 16 Happening Now and Then On Windows 8

    Refer to this link, which gives and indication of what I experience now and then in the Event Viewer. Only the first two events are what I get: Event 16, Kernel-General Now it's important to note that I have had no Event 18 show up in Event Viewer, nor have I had sudden reboots. In fact...
  4. Jody Thornton

    Microsoft Edge on Windows 8 AND Windows 8.1

    Wow! I'm so shocked at the big news that DOESN'T make headlines over here (only in the respect that such a forum should be about getting the most out of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.) But anyway .... Edge Canary (the latest release) does indeed run on all Windows 8.x platforms (except Windows RT...
  5. Jody Thornton

    Solved No Access to Windows Store on RT 8.1

    Well over the last day or so, I've been unable to access to Windows Store on my Surface RT tablet. I've refreshed it, but that didn't fix the issue. I've completely reset the tablet. No go there either. The error I receive is: Windows Store isn't available right now. Please try again later...
  6. Jody Thornton

    Solved Manually Updating Windows RT 8.1

    Hey Folks: I realize that updates for Windows RT are supposed to only be delivered through Windows Update. But would anyone know where a repository might exist for older monthly rollups? I'm looking for either the November or December 2017 rollup for Windows 8.1 RT. Any help would be...
  7. Jody Thornton

    Solved Task Scheduler: Cannot Remove "Scheduled Start" Task

    Hello All! I have disabled Automatic Updates in Windows 8 now. The only time I use Windows Update services are to update Windows Defender definitions, via a scheduled task, or to manually install patches I download from the Microsoft Catalog. Then I had Windows Update and BITS services set to...
  8. Jody Thornton

    Change Windows Defender Folder Location in C:\ProgramData

    Hi Folks: Wondering if there is a way to relocate the "Windows Defender" folder under \ProgramData to a separate drive or partition. I wanted to relocate all of the scans, updates and defintions to another folder on my D: drive. Any takers? :)
  9. Jody Thornton

    ResetBase Option on DISM (But in Windows 8)

    Has anyone ever come up with, or know of a way to mimic the /Resetbase option in the following DISM command, but on Windows 8? Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase Windows 8.1 has the command option, but not Windows 8. I wonder if anyone knew of a workaround. :)
  10. Jody Thornton

    Solved Windows Defender Updates and Scans Right After Boot

    Hi Folks: I have disabled Automatic Protection, and I have set up update and scan times for Windows Defender, through the Task Scheduler. However, when I login to my desktop, after about two minutes, Windows Defender updates and scans my system. I turn it off and it stops. When am I not...
  11. Jody Thornton

    Windows Defender v4.9

    Hi Folks: I googled that search phrase and got some "credible-looking" results from the PC Mag site. But there was no link for a client download on Microsoft's site. For those running Windows Defender on Windows 8.1, what is the latest revision you're running?
  12. Jody Thornton

    Do I Need The Recovery Environment?

    If my setup consists of a single system partition and NO recovery partition, can I remove the recovery environment/folder with the winre.wim file in it? If I do repairs, I use a combination of system restore with installation/boot DVD-ROM disc. :)
  13. Jody Thornton

    Server 2012 Updates Successfully Installed on Windows 8

    Well, I have done some experimentation this evening, and I'm happy to say the updates for Windows Server 2012 install successfully on to Windows 8, including those for IE10. I thought you might be interested in some of my findings so far, so I've linked to my thread on MSFN. Server 2012...
  14. Jody Thornton

    Solved Windows Defender Registry Permissions

    OK a bit of an involved situation here: :) First off I wanted to add a registry key to make Windows Defender scan for incoming files only. I was going to add this DWORD value to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Real-Time Protection: RealTimeScanDirection = 1 However I couldn't...
  15. Jody Thornton

    Solved Windows Defender Updates Without Windows Update Service

    I am on Windows 8 (original/classic x64 Pro), and since I have now installed all updates, I attempted turning off the Windows Update service, and then tested updating Windows Defender. Voila! It worked. But if I keep my system in the configuration, will there be an issue running or updating...
  16. Jody Thornton

    Cheap Places to Purchase Windows 8.1 Standard/Home x64

    Hi Folks: I was just wondering (with the release of Windows 10 soooo close) are the any "clearance" style ways to purchase a cheap copy/license or two of Windows 8.1 Standard (x64). I don't need pro, and I'm not yet ready to install it on my PC full time yet (I'll need a new machine to do...
  17. Jody Thornton

    What Comes After IE 11?

    Hi Folks: I understand that Edge will NOT be made available for Windows 8.1. So will there be any serviceability available for IE 11 before front line support is retired for Windows 8.1? (In other words, will it ever be updated in any way?) I was just curious if any one knew that. I...
  18. Jody Thornton

    Solved Is Windows 8 Classic Still a Viable OS Choice?

    Hi Folks: If I wanted to upgrade my HP xw8200 to something compatible, would going with the original Windows 8 be a valid choice to make? I prefer v8.1, but I figured that with Windows 8, I could still run the x64 version on my older PC without the need for SSE2 and NX capabilities on a newer...
  19. Jody Thornton

    Windows 8.1 x64 on HP Workstations

    Hi Folks: I was wondering if anyone here has had experience on installing the 64-bit version of Windows 8.1 on either of these two HP Workstations: the xw8600 or the z600. I have a chance to obtain either model and while they are both non-UEFI machines, I understand that Windows 8.1 can indeed...
  20. Jody Thornton

    Future For Windows 8.1

    I guess now that we see Windows 10 starting to take off in the form of the TP, I wonder what is the future of developing or refining Windows 8.1. We were going to get a second major update, but I guess that's now what the original Windows 10 build was. So will there be further improvements or...