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    Where can I get a working copy of the Default folder under the Users folder?

    I get a "User Profile service failed the sign in" prompt whenever I try to login on every new account I make. From what I've seen on other forums, it seems to be because of a corrupted Default folder. I checked mine and it only has the AppData folder. Is there somewhere I can download the...
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    What's wrong with my Windows?

    I don't know exactly what's the main problem but here are the symptoms: Windows Update is a mess. It usually gets stuck with checking if there are updates. And if it does detect that there are available updates, the downloading takes forever. My theory is that way back in 2015 (my laptop was...
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    My PC shut down while installing updates because of an error. Now I can't go past the booting up screen because of a fatal error that appears

    The error I got while installing the update was "Driver Power State Failure". I didn't mind it since I get it quite often. Naturally, it restarted itself and on bootup, it tries to continue updating. At about 49% it gave me this error: . I restarted it multiple times. Upon the 3rd restart, it...
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    Startup Settings doesn't show up no matter what method I use

    I tried to access it via Settings > Update and Recovery > Recovery > Advanced Startup. After clicking that Startup Settings, it reboots but straight to desktop, it doesn't show me the Startup Settings. I tried the pressing F8 key method through Windows Boot Manager but that didn't work as well...