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  1. CountryBumkin

    How do I determine cause of computer Freeze?

    My wife's computer is just a few days old. It's a home built machine on an Asus P8H61 mb, with intel i3-2100, 4MB of Corsair ram, and a new 120GB SSD. I have Win 8.1 x64, Office 2013, and Malwarebytes installed (and a few other apple phone support products) - that's about it. It ran fine all...
  2. CountryBumkin

    Solved Will Win8.1 mount an ISO or do I need third-party software

    I just bought Office 2013 from the Microsoft Store and downloaded it as an ISO. I plan to copy the ISO to the desktop and install from there. From what I've read, I should be able to mount the ISO and Windows will treat it like a DVD - but it is not clear if Windows 8.1 can mount the ISO or if...
  3. CountryBumkin

    Need to access secondary hard disk as the primary is bad

    How can I get access to the data on my backup drive (secondary drive) since the primary drive is bad (can't start Windows)? I thought "Windows-to-Go" would work and I would boot up on the Windows USB stick then access my backup drive...
  4. CountryBumkin

    Can you recommend a good Hard Drive maintenance program?

    I'm finishing up rebuilding from a bad hard drive. I got no warning that there was a problem (but I wasn't really looking either). I think I should have some software installed that monitors my hard drives (reads SMART or tests the drive, or such) and lets me know if something is going bad. So...
  5. CountryBumkin

    Solved Restore procedure says my restore/repair USB disk is no go

    I am having problems with Win8.1. This weekend it started acting up (very slow to boot up and shutdown, and other issues). I also get an error message about files missing (one has to do with Chrome.exe, another with HP printer, and something like IPHLPAPI.DLL). Looking at Task Manager I see...