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    U.S. consumers hesitant to make switch to Windows 8

    I am not real sure I would get a windows phone, US Cellular does not have the Iphone yet and it is getting close to time to be able to upgrade my phone.... I was at a us cellular store the other day and I was looking at a windows phone.... still would much rather get an iphone.
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    Three weeks in: The lackluster launch of Windows 8

    I have both Mac and dell. I love os x for its stability, on my dell I had windows xp and windows vista both of which I was not crazy about, but needed a windows laptop for my work... I am a stormchaser actually chase tornados not try to rip off people with bogus storm damage repairs, and the...
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    In spite of all the hate, I like Windows 8

    I have installed windows 8 professional since November 6th and so far I am really quite impressed with it. Only thing taking some time to get used to is the start screen and if I use IE from the start screen how to get the address bar back and how to close the app. getting more used to it on a...
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    Is Windows 8 a failure ? Time to say bye, bye MSFT ?

    I have just upgraded to windows 8 pro. I did it about a week ago, so far I think it is a great os, much better than xp or vista. Never really used windows 7 so can't compare them but outside of the funky start screen that I am getting used to windows 8 is well put together i think
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    Will you upgrade? That is the question...

    I have installed windows 8 pro as of yesterday. so far it is totally awesome.
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    Will you upgrade? That is the question...

    once i put 2gb of ram vista was ok but compared to my buddy's laptop was no where as fast as his. has the same machine a compaq presario c713nr laptop. my buddy put windows 7 pro on his and compared to vista was a beast. it will be interesting to see how they compare now
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    Will you upgrade? That is the question...

    I have just upgraded my laptop to windows 8 pro as of yesterday morning, had to find something to do after the terrible outcome of the election in the united states of america...soon to be renamed the united socialist states of america now that we have Obama for the next 4 years. But that is...
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    WTF? New computer, and I have to PAY?

    I am running windows 8 consumer preview, if microsoft gives me the full version for $15.00 to 20.00 I will keep it otherwise i will locate a windows 7 disk. apple is very good for software upgrades and if you purchase it when it is released you get it very cheap.
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    Mail App Crashing on Startup

    The mail app doesnt work for me either, shows new email but then crashes. also internet explorer will not run the weather radar from Home - Chicago News and Weather | FOX Chicago News or open some attachments in my gmail.... however firefox works just fine. I was hoping internet explorer would...
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    The Great Upgrade Upheaval

    Right now I am running windows 8 consumer preview, had to see what it is. I think it is decent except for the goofy start screen, but if Microsoft doesn't provide me a decent deal to buy windows 8 I will be looking for a windows 7 pro disk or go back to xp. If microsoft offers me a decent deal...
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    Speed: Is it improving?

    I have had win 8 on my Dell Inspiron b130/1300 that has a 1.7ghz processor 1gb of ram and it seems to run pleasantly and suprisingly quick. running the consumer preview of it. question is when it is released will it work as well or be like vista....