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  1. TechnoMage

    integrate windows iso update

    Why not just download an ISO for the OS, that already has all he latest goodies incorporated into it.??? They're out there, if you just look! That's what I'd do! (and have done in the past) :cool:
  2. TechnoMage

    Is it viable to install Windows 8.1 on a laptop from 2021?

    On many forums, it's required to declare your location. It makes it easier on anyone responding to you if they know which way to face when talking to you. :roflmao2: What country are you in, and where did you get that PC that doesn't like Windows 8.1? All twelve of my computers, laptops and...
  3. TechnoMage

    Performance Problems Solved?

    That was then, and this is almost two months later, and my little Acer SFF desktop PC is still running Win-8.1 like a Champ, with NO glitches whatsoever. This is the smoothest and most error free OS that I've ever run. And, Windows 8.1/Pro/64 remains my OS of choice, after 42 years of operating...
  4. TechnoMage

    Tracking Down Slow Ethernet

    I've been fighting with download speeds on this very computer. I tried a lot of things, with very little success, until a few days ago when I decided to Tweak Firefox. In Firefox there are a B'zillion parameters that tell Firefox how to run. Several of those parameters can be changed, to...
  5. TechnoMage

    any suggestions on books about win8 hardware/OS

    That is SO True! Hardly a day goes by, that I don't turn to the Internet to answer some question. It's truly a wealth of information on any topic you desire. TM :cool:
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    Quick easy way to format the HD and erase all files?

    No you can't. But then a PC without a working Operating System is a worthless piece of junk. A neat way to prepare any PC for sale or giveaway, is: Go into the users app in the Control Panel, and create a new user and give it a generic name with Administrator Privileged. Then reboot the PC...
  7. TechnoMage

    Solved Missing Wifi Driver

    If it's not obvious, then at least possible, that you don't get your Windows 8.1 ISO from the same source where I get mine. Everything I download is "New and Improved" so to speak. It will contain the very latest driver pack, similar to Win-10, and security upgrades. Ever consider changing...
  8. TechnoMage

    Using DOS in Windows 8.1

    Topic Revisited: As an update or whatchamacallit, I just wanted to mention, that when I back up this old Acer SFF desktop PC, I use "Ghost 11.5" booting up with a CD or Flash Drive that uses DOS to boot the PC and run Ghost. (Ghost 11.5 was the last of the DOS based versions) It's basically...
  9. TechnoMage

    Solved Missing Wifi Driver

    I've installed Windows 8.1 on several Dell laptops, and never had any problem with 8.1 installing the correct driver so that the built in WiFi worked perfectly. Windows 8.1 is just great about installing working drivers for various hardware. Cheers Mates! TM :cool:
  10. TechnoMage

    Laptop doesn't see the internal hard drive after I reseated it.

    First thought....have you checked the CMOS battery in the laptop? If you can, check it with a Digital volt meter (multimeter) and the voltage on the little CMOS battery must be 3.0 volts Minimum. If below that, then change the battery before you do anything else. That little CR2032 battery is...
  11. TechnoMage

    Windows 8.1 support will end on January 10, 2023

    To just assume that MS has all the OS programmers in the world, would be a really BIG mistake. Every time that MS abandons an OS, other programmers will step in and take over the improvements, that we call Updates. For instance, Windows 7/Pro has been picked up by a non-MS group and has been...
  12. TechnoMage

    No boot with USB

    I found several fixes on the web, but they all involved Windows, and I knew the problem was in the BIOS, not Windows. So, I went back in to the BIOS, and started poking around. I finally found a very well hidden place where I could specify what type of removable drive I wanted to boot from...
  13. TechnoMage

    No boot with USB

    I've recently swapped PCs for my everyday use. My old PC, an HP Slimline would boot up from a USB Flash drive, or even a SD Memory Card. No problems. But, my new PC, an Acer X-1200 will not boot from anything but the hard drive or CD drive. When I try to boot up with a Flash Drive, I get a...
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    Using DOS in Windows 8.1

    Call it what you want, but DOS commands still work. And I love it, that my old DOS batch files still run.
  15. TechnoMage

    Is it viable to install Windows 8.1 on a laptop from 2021?

    What can I say? Yes, I'm painfully aware of the limited I/O ports on new laptops, and I'm also very glad that I don't have to buy one. I have two laptops set up as semi-permanent PC's and I have a USB HUB on both. For instance, if I want to plug in a USB Flash Drive, it's just easier to plug...
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    8.1 just for fun

    OH, it got the correct driver! No problem there! Don't mess with success!
  17. TechnoMage

    Is it viable to install Windows 8.1 on a laptop from 2021?

    I've used MANY little USB/wifi adapters, that meet or exceed the performance of the built in WiFi adapters. My favorite is the little "Edimax" usb/wifi adapter. It's only an inch long! I've even used that little gizmo on a 6' usb extension cable, so I could place the adapter up and away from...
  18. TechnoMage

    I need help migrating from W7P to W8.1P.

    Mike, I hope you and your wife are still OK. At 79 I'm doing pretty well, with only some very minor health problems. Still keeping my hand in with the PC's and OS's. And still running windows 8.1/Pro/64 on a little Acer Aspire X-1200 (slimline desktop PC) Keep in touch. TM in Ocala, :cool:
  19. TechnoMage

    8.1 just for fun

    I don't care about the location, , , I just don't want no CRAP installing along with the program that I'm trying to get. Remember.... "Minus crud is cool!" Just for fun: Today I pulled the new Crucial 500GB SSD from my bedroom PC and installed it into a similar PC that I keep in my living...
  20. TechnoMage

    Is it viable to install Windows 8.1 on a laptop from 2021?

    On the topic, I just have to ask "Why Not". I swear, Windows 8.1 would install on a refrigerator, if you could find the USB port! :roflmao2: I can't even remember or list all the PC's that I've installed Windows 8.1 on. (both x86 and 64 bit) It's just Never failed to install drivers that are...