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  1. karlsnooks

    slight variation on install procedure

    This is John Savill's procedure for a dual-boot installation. Q: How can I deploy Windows 8 to a virtual hard disk on my machine for easy dual-boot?
  2. karlsnooks

    Snap Feature resolution requirement

    1366 x 768 required for snap feature. Just ran across this tidbit. Min resolution for apps is still 1024 x 768. Q: What resolution do the Windows 8 Metro UI and Snap feature require?
  3. karlsnooks

    Accessing the "charms"

    Now I hadn't heard of that term before which I find amusing. Nor did I know that you could locate the "charms" on the right side.
  4. karlsnooks

    Force full shutdown of Win 8

    Win 8 hibernates the kernel session to speed-up boot times. To fully shutdown Win 8, see following:
  5. karlsnooks

    acer aspire resolution

    here's a reg tweak to get resolution needed for win 8 on acer aspire. I do not know anymore than what is in the article. Windows 8 on Acer Aspire One Netbook - Screen Resolution etc... - Http Client Protocol Issues - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
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    Another intro to the Metro UI Tweaker

    If you/ve missed out on the metro ui tweaker, then you will appreciate this link: Customize Windows 8 With Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8
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    the blog site of the Win 8 overlord

    Some of you may be interested in: Building Windows 8
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    Using the new Task manager

    No doubt we already have a great tutorial on this, but... Here's a link to an article introducing one to the features and use of the Win 8 Task Manager. The Complete Guide to the New Task Manager in Windows 8
  9. karlsnooks

    Legacy programs in Win 8

    I found this article interesting, although topic matter has been discussed here. One thing perhaps new is that we can add Photo Shop 3 to the list of programs that run under Win 8. Exploring legacy tools in Windows 8
  10. karlsnooks

    turn off Smart Screen doesn't stick

    In the action center, turn off Smart Screen doesn't stick.
  11. karlsnooks

    Can not view files from a Win8 system image backup

    Good People, What am I doing wrong? I make a system image backup in Win 8. A .VHDX file is created. I can not mount this file. I can mount a VHD file.
  12. karlsnooks

    window 8 security features

    Here is an interesting link re win 8 security. Update: Windows 8 Security Features
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    Use either left or right Ctrl key to unlock

    Use either left or right Ctrl key to unlock. Using the spacebar key is documented but since I'd found no mention of the method which I use, then I thought I'd pass it on.
  14. karlsnooks

    50 Windows 8 Tips

    Ran across this: 50 Windows 8 tips, tricks and secrets | News | TechRadar UK
  15. karlsnooks

    Windows 8 Blue Poison

    Has anyone tried Windows 8 Blue Poson Link with brief intro is: And here is link to program: Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle - WinMatrix
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    Solved No Control Panel in Apps with Metro UI

    No Control Panel in Apps with Metro UI Good People and others, When I search Apps either by scrolling or typing in the Apps search box, I do not have a Control Panel. The tut from Shawn shows one but I sure don't have one. I have a Control Panel when I select Desktop. What have I done? I...
  17. karlsnooks

    WIN + Tab doesn't work but ALT + Tab does

    WIN + Tab doesn't work but ALT + Tab does Has anyone else observed this?