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    Solved Going mad Browse studio Malware ?

    After you remove all infections with Combofix and Spybot perform the following command Press Windows Key + R and type sfc /scannow When done reboot.
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    Solved Going mad Browse studio Malware ?

    This will do Downloading ComboFix Make sure all antivirus soft is disabled or uninstalled and then run it. If you find complications boot in safe mode, uninstall A/V soft and then reboot into normal mode then run combofix. Afterwards download Chrome or firefox and install ABP ad block plus, then...
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    Solved Customize Folders with Unique Icons Affect Performance?

    Hello Menace97, as an OS stylist I have been pursuing UI customizations since the early XP days, based on that experience I would like to mention: Manually changing each folder icon without any third party software might take a little longer but it is well worth the wait considering in your...
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    My LENOVO G510 doesn't connect to the internet!

    You want the official drivers LAN driver Laptops and netbooks :: Lenovo G Series laptops :: Lenovo G510 Notebook - Lenovo Support (US) WLAN driver Laptops and netbooks :: Lenovo G Series laptops :: Lenovo G510 Notebook - Lenovo Support (US) Hope this helps!:thumb:
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    Big Problems please help

    Use ccleaner (free) to remove it :)
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    Windows 8 themes

    I miss my Xp theme ... Can´t even remember the VS name to dig for it and adapt it to W8 Anyone got a clue?
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    New Windows Phone 8.1 (8.10.14203.306) Critical Update

    It also provides scheduled update checks on the device provided you have checked the "Automatically update" box.
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    Solved Avatar Account Dimensions

    Hello, based on this (run) %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\Default Pictures they are 128x128. Hope this helps.
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    Windows 8 themes

    :thumbsup: I know the feeling ...time passes by you totally forgot about it and then you stumble on a past theme or a VS you used before.. I recall those times back in XP with Jhonny
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    Post your Desktop

    Hey guys, it´s been a while, still running Win 8 Pro :) I like to keep my desktop icons hidden for a minimal, clumsy free easy nav experience.
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    Help with boot logo

    If booting on UEFI it will show custom bootscreen if one is provided by OEM. When booting non UEFI you should be looking at a normal Windows 8 logo bootscreen.
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    Remove Windows 8 from my DELL INSPIRON 1545.

    In order to prevent an unbootable system INSTALLING A NEW OS or FORMATTING THE HARD DRIVE should be left for professionals or people who know exactly what they are doing. Just my 2 cents.
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    Solved Metro UI missing SOME tile icons and ALL ICON´S TEXT! HELP

    Thanks for the reply Brink , I tried SFC then Restore and got some kind of error, had to reinstall, lucky me I kept my OS and my files in different partitions. :D
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    Windows 8 going from connected to wifi to limited

    Maybe it is switching to nearby WIFI networks automatically (If you have any network saved with key) .. ?
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    Solved Metro UI missing SOME tile icons and ALL ICON´S TEXT! HELP

    Hello pals, recently as I was multitasking on my HP W8 Pro I found my Metro UI had been corrupted or I might have done some CCleaner corruption ... Any help?
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    Right from the Start: Bing Apps

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    Windows 8 themes

    So far I have it updated to the present with almost every update offered and have found no troubles yet. Glad you like it and find the post useful.
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    Windows 8 themes

    Futuristic sounds like HUD Evolution , here´s a capture... Source: HUD Evo 8 BETA by ~MrGRiM01 on deviantART (IMO it works well with NEW W8 installs , some updates kill the theme if they are installed BEFORE installing the theme)
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    Solved Something happened and Windows Store is no longer working

    There is something inside System32 folder called WSReset.exe ... Maybe that helps?
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    Solved Charms Bar (Time/Date Panel ) RegEdit wanted please.

    :thumb: You are welcome , let me know if you figure our the magic sean6027.