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    IE10 Metro Favorites?

    I feel like an idiot, but where can I find the "Favorites" in IE10 Metro? I'm not talking about sites pinned to the taskbar or desktop... or "Frequently used sides"... but my list of favorites. I can't see how to add anything to favorites, how to see favorites, etc. And it doesn't seem to...
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    Configure POP3 ISP email acount?

    I see options for Hotmail, Gmail, and Exchange... Is there any way to configure Yahoo mail, or my ISP's POP3 email server? I don't see any way after hunting around a bit. I still get most of my email via RoadRunner.
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    Solitaire Crashing

    I played several hands of Solitaire (included game) last night just fine Today when I went to play, the app crashes back to the Start Screen every time I try to place a card. Anyone else having issues? Anyone have any idea how I can make it work again?
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    Trackpad support in Win8

    After installing Windows 8 on my Dell XPS 15z, it doesn't seem to know about my trackpad. I mean, the trackpad works as a mouse, but there are no settings, no multi-touch or gesture support, nothing in control panel... Is there a trackpad "class driver" or something? I would really like to...
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    Windows 8 Mail and Pop3 servers?

    I tried to add my ISP's pop3 email account, but I don't see any option to do that. Am I missing something?